A Chocolate Lover’s Fantasy

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I just found out about this awesome Chocolate Lover’s Box over here.  If your eyes light up when you think of chocolate or if you are like me and crave chocolate then you want to continue to read more about this chocolate lovers fantasy. 
If you like the idea of holding chocolate tasting classes ( I know I would), Cocoa BBQ brunches (Cocoa BBQ Words can not express how these words make me squeal), or even learning how to make the Ultimate Chocolate Brownie, then keep reading.
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Becca, over at I Really Love Chocolate, not only reviews chocolate and creates chocolate recipes but she loves having chocolate parties and teaching small classes at her home and others like “How to Bake White Chocolate Mint Brownies” or “Chocolate Balloon Bowls”.  Now that is what I call being devoted to chocolate.

She bought this huge box of chocolate from Dove Chocolate to make more recipes but she found out that she could become a real Chocolatier . . . meaning making some cash while having a ton of fun with chocolate.  In fact this Chocolate Lover’s Box (aka the Starter Kit) is on a very special promotion of $85 for the month of March.  No folks I don’t know about you but have you checked out the price of chocolate lately. It ain’t cheap so this is a bargain.

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Here’s why she loves it so much:

~This chocolate company allows you to stay at home with your little ones and contribute to the household finances!Now even though my girls aren’t little anymore I love that.

~Work around your children’s schedule. And we all know how crazy my schedule is. Normally 2-3 soccer games in a week.
~Access to World class training and exclusive Facebook group which provides motivation, encouragement and training as you grow your business.
~No cap on the amount of commissions that can be earned.
~She pops recipes on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and feeds her happy family and makes money.  Super time efficient.
She has a coupon code over I Really Love Chocolate. So take the first steps at here – not only is Becca a chocolatier but she is also a Marketer, Digital Marketer, speaks to corporations all over the world and loves everything and anything chocolate.  You will definitely have a champ on your side.
This is a sponsored post. 

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