How to Do Bridal Shower Decorations Yourself

bridal showeIf you want the bridal shower to be a bit more personalized, then doing the decorations yourself is always the preferable option. This is because not only do you save money on hiring an expert but you also get to be innovative and creative. It is fairly easy and you can do everything without consulting a planner, be it bridal shower invitations or arranging flowers. The following points will help you do it yourself with ease –

  1. Setting The Table – Your local arts and crafts store would have card stock paper that you need to buy to do the menus yourself. You can use your computer printer to print off the menu on your paper. Use stylized font and nice colors to make your menu look professional and tasteful. Always remember that the color of the card stock paper should be the same as your theme color.

To make the menu look more interesting, punch holes on top of it and run a ribbon through it, tying it in a little bow. Your menu should be put on top of the plate of appetizers. Each table must also have a flower that you can buy from your local florist.

To create your bridal shower favor, buy small decorative bags in white and put gems resembling diamonds in them. The front of the white bag should have a ribbon imitating the ring and the ribbon color would depend on the same. Also put nice candies and tissues in various colors inside your favor bag and it will be ready!

  1. Arranging Flowers – You have to create the centerpieces yourself, keeping the theme in mind. Keep your flowers in the freezer to keep them fresh for longer and always make advance arrangements with your local florist. Also keep the bride’s sense of style in mind when you choose the vases and the flowers. It is always good to include the in-season flowers in your collection.

Roses and Tulips are the traditional wedding flowers. Modern brides with unique tastes go for colorful orchids. Same goes for vases. If your bride is a traditionalist, go for the regular cylindrical ones but for the bold bride, Eiffel tower vases with unique flower arrangements work great.

  1. Putting Up A Slideshow – There are various editing tools available for you to make your pictures look better. If you are a close friend, you might have some decent pictures of the happy couple. Otherwise, you can ask their other common friends for a few nice pictures and include them in your slideshow. Add interesting sounding captions to the pictures. Make sure that there are a lot of pictures

Now, at the shower, set up a huge television screen and let your slideshow play as the party goes on.

Buying flowers in wholesale and with pre bookings is always more affordable. Always find ways where you can cut back costs and try to be creative when you arrange the shower.

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