How Much Thought Do You Put Into Black Friday Shopping?

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I am not much of a Black Friday shopper but if I was I know that I would use this awesome source from Find & Save.  Just look at the awesome infographic below. It tells all about what drives those crazy shoppers as well as sharing with you the strategies that use to grab those deals. I will admit that I found this very interesting but I still do not think I would lose those precious hours of sleep to fight those crowds. But with an awesome site like Find & Save because this infographic is very insightful as well as gives helpful tips.

Black Friday Survey Results

I will have to admit that if I would have to chose which kind of shopper I would be it would be the night owl. I am always up late so if I was going shopping I would make the most of my time and shop for those deals. I love getting the deals but I do not like fighting the crowds. Crowds are one thing that I hate more than anything. So what kind of shopper are you, Night Owl or Early Bird? Inquiring minds want to know?


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