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In these days of social media don’t you wish there was an app that you could use to share with your family any big announcement before you share it with anyone else, like for instance announcing the college that you child got into. Well folks, HapiMomi is the app for you. Before I review it, let me tell you a little bit about it. It is an easy app to use. It helps to organize your family and well as allowing you to share your important events privately. The only thing that I found a little discouraging is that if you forget your username or password there is no way to recover your user name but there is a way to recover the password. So make sure you make a note of your user name and password. How is this possible you ask.?Well using this app your family will share

  • a single family phonebook (how convenient is that- no more calling or texting each other to find so and so’s number),
  • a single family calendar- no more having to get up with each other to find out their schedules just look at the calendar. This by far is my favorite part of the app.
  • A single family shopping list- no more phone calls from the store asking what did you ask me to pick up or no forgetting the list at home.
  • A diary as well to keep up with everyone’s activities
  • A to do list- no more excuses saying that they did not know they had to do that. It is there in black and white.


What I love about this app is that it is my own private social network for just my family. I also love how it is free as well. How cool is that? An app that will help to alleviate disagreements  ( I hope) and well as to keep family connected.  I can honestly say that I have lost track of the numbers of times my husband asks me about what the girls’ schedules are. Now he can just look for himself. That is after I teach him how to use the app. LOL

To download this awesome app go here.

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