Craft: Bath Sundae

Gracie was invited to a birthday party this weekend and I wasn’t sure what to give the little girl so I decided to make her a bath sundae. Here is what you need to do to make one for your next party.

Materials Needed:

a container I used a Vase

Bath goodies such as body wash etc.

bath sponge ( I used 2) It depends on how big the opening of your container  is.

a straw

Decorative topping.



Find a vase or container. I was lucky I had one on hand.

Place the bath goodies inside the vase. If you want to put shredded paper inside you can.

Then top with your bath sponge and your straw and a decorative topping. I used a heart flower pick from valentine’s day. Here is the finished product.

There you have it an easy and unique gift idea that cost less than $5.00 to make. You can be unique and frugal at the same time.

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