6 Apps That Will Help Get the Most Out of Your Vacation

Once you find the destination you want to visit for vacation, it can sometimes be a daunting task to find the best attractions, eateries, and sites in town. However, if you have a smart phone, new travel apps can take the guesswork out of what to do. Not only do these apps make it easier to traverse the city, but they can provide insight and become your virtual tour guide.

1. Kayak












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The first step in any vacation planning is booking your flight. The Kayak app makes this easier than ever, providing flight information and prices for trips across the globe. If you’re not sure where to go and are on a budget, the explore function of the app brings up a virtual map that lists prices for whatever destinations you’re considering. The app also allows you to book hotels worldwide.

2. Tripit












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Awarded the best travel app of 2011, Tripit makes creating an itinerary simple. The app will organize hotel bookings, flight information, store your travel plans, or create them for you. The app also allows you to email your itinerary to anyone you may be visiting in town. If you like a structured travel plan, this app is for you.

3. Iparrot













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If you plan on traveling to a foreign country that is not English-speaking, Iparrot is a must have. This free app allows you to translate words and phrases from English to German, Chinese, and Japanese. So if you get lost or need to find a bathroom, Iparrot will not only give you the phrase, but also pronounce via a recorded human voice. Let the app do the talking or brush up on a new language. The choice is yours.

4. Gasbuddy












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Gas prices have become ridiculously expensive the past few years. However, if you want to fill up the tank at a minimum price, Gasbuddy is the perfect app. Users post gas prices in a particular area which allows you to find the cheapest rate. This is especially important if you plan on driving to your vacation destination. It will save you money, which you can in turn spend on something much more entertaining.

5. Trip Journal












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For those of you that love to document your travels, Trip Journal is your best friend.  Upload pictures, tag your location, and even write a blog all on one single app. Once you’ve uploaded all your information, Trip Journal makes it easy to export all your information to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, or YouTube. Definitely a handy app to have.

6. Highlights












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This app is perfect for the explorer. If you like to go with the flow and not have an outlined trip, Highlights makes sure you don’t miss anything. It takes places that people have checked into on Foursquare and GoWalla, and makes an organized list based on popularity. So if you’re wandering around a city and want to know where to shop or where to eat, Highlights will have the information you need.

By using some of these travel apps, you don’t have to worry about missing anything on your next vacation. From showing off your beautiful pictures to taking in the culture and food of a foreign city, there’s an app for you. If you’re looking for deals for your vacation, use your smartphone to learn about Royal Holiday. With their vacation deals and your new selection of apps, the only hard thing to do will be deciding what to do next.

Guest Contributor Amanda Brown is a freelance writer whom enjoys playing and coaching volleyball. She loves her friends and family including her dog, Charlie; as well as traveling all around the world.

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