Guest Post: Why I Shop At Target

Why I Shop at Target

Though there are tons of malls out there, few can really compete with Target. Shortly since its start in the retail industry in the early 1900’s as Dayton’s, Target has already competed at the top spot. And until now, Target remains to be a titan among giants as it remains to be the one of the top contenders in the industry in a close fight with the currently leading Walmart.

Many would ask, what is the secret behind the success that is Target. All I can say in this matter is that I can only speak for perspective and why I shop at Target. And here’s why Target is my first choice among all the malls and department stores out there.

1. Proximity
Proximity is first among my list as I’m too lazy to go for more than 8 miles just to shop for groceries. The closer the store is, the better it is for me. Never mind the prices. If I can save on gas entirely, then I’m saving more compared to small price difference with other malls, given that there is. And perhaps, this is also the reason behind Target’s success as surveys show that nearly every American lives near a Target. And if you are looking for a stable practice or familiar store wherever you may live, Target is the most consistent and stable option together with Walmart

2. Great Selection
With the title and being literally one of the largest retail chains, it also follows that Target has the largest selection of items and brands. And this variety is also one of the reasons why I always go to Target. Even if I have a specific item in mind, It is always a pleasant experience to see a lot of different products and verify that you are making the right choice. And having a wide selection of items gives more guarantee that I will often get what I have in mind.

3. Lowest Prices
Another reason why I shop at Target is that I can simply find any other shop worthwhile of replacing Target with. So far, Target has the most reasonable prices and I can hardly see any shopping chain that can compete with Target’s prices in general. And though it is in a very close fight with Walmart, I choose Target as my shopping mall of choice as its customer services are the most pleasing across all malls I’ve been into.

4. Reward System
Target offers some of the best reward systems around combining low prices with high reward points conversion rates. And aside from its reward cards, Target offers discounts in the form of printable vouchers and coupons which is a great compliment for your online Target shopping needs. Looking for such discounts are easy. All you need to do is search for your desired discount in the internet using Google or other search engines. Type, your desired keywords and you should never run out of choices as these coupons for Target are scattered among countless websites. However, we suggest caution and get your coupons from trustworthy distributors.

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