Why Using These Toddler Toilet Training Tips Will Make Your Life Easier

Why Using These Toddler Toilet Training Tips Will Make Your Life Easier from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

One of the most uniquely frustrating experiences as a parent would have to be toilet training. It can be awkward, stressful, frustrating, and hilarious all at the same time. You can ask just about any parent in the world and they will offer you their own toddler toilet training tips, but which ones can you really trust? There have been some proven methods exposed throughout the years, and they have been successful for a very long time. You also have some newer methods that are starting to become go-to’s.

When it comes to taking advice about toilet training you really need to look at the source of the information. You are always best off getting your information from trusted sources, and it pays to bear in mind that you can’t trust everything you hear and read. Toilet training does not have to be a time to panic and get stressed out, it can be an easy and natural process, it just depends on how you approach things.

If you are struggling with figuring out how to toilet train your toddler, keep reading to get some information that will hopefully make things a little easier.

Patience Is A Virtue, Have It If You Can

The number one tip, trick or rule when it comes to toilet training your toddler is to have patience. In this day and age with the advent of the internet and instantaneous technology, everyone seems to want everything instantly. We can get anything we need with the push of a button on a smartphone, but toilet training is simply doesn’t work like that.

Every single child is going to develop at a different rate, and the same thing goes for learning to use the bathroom. If they are not ready to do it, don’t force it, it may end up hampering your efforts in the long run. Instead, just try to coax them into trying when they feel ready for it. Rushing things is going to cause undue stress for the child, and therefore yourself, so it doesn’t hurt to hold off on toilet training for a while if you need to.

Make It Fun

No one really wants to freely admit this, but we like to be occupied while we are using the bathroom. Books and newspapers were the norms for decades before the invention of tablets and smartphones. Make sure your child associates bathroom time with fun, give them something to focus on, and it will go much smoother. The happier they are to be in the bathroom, the easier it is going to be to get them to use it. 

Use Transitional Nappies

These types of underwear, or nappies if you want, are often called pull-ups or training pants. They are the ones you see a little further down in the nappy aisle and look a lot more like regular underwear. These padded undies catch minor accidents and are a great tool for transitioning from nappies to the toilet. As the toddler can take them on and off themselves, they get a sense of independence and control over the transition process when learning to use the toilet.

Take Your Time And Don’t Stress

There is no need to get super stressed out about toilet training. Sure, it can take some time and patience, but in the end, you are helping your child take a big step forward in life and that has to be the main thing you focus on. So, relax a little bit, take a deep breath, and don’t force it, it will come naturally.

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