GP: A Guide to Eco and Natural Paints

lot of people are trying to be more eco-friendly these days; from recycling their used products rather than just throwing them away, to trying to take care of the environment by using sustainable materials. We’re even trying to be more eco-friendly and natural in our homes by using much more ethical ways to decorate.


You might think that paint is just, well, paint; and you’d be forgiven for that misconception believing there is just emulsion or gloss and then a choice of colors. In actual fact, there are all kinds of paints from clay-based versions to non toxic paint that is ideal for painting furniture, flooring and walls.


paint jarThe types of non toxic and eco-friendly paints on the market are being promoted by organizations such as the World Health Organization, who claim that professional decorators – those who spend a significant amount of time painting walls and furniture for a living – are 40% more likely to contract lung cancer by using the more modern paints that we tend to purchase without thinking.


Most of us are aware that you can start to feel sick or develop headaches when you’re painting in a poorly ventilated room, but not many are aware of the risks associated with the daily us of “toxic” paints.


It’s quite difficult to actually define what makes an “eco paint”, after all they’re still very new to the market and only make up a small amount of all paint sales at present, but a rough guide would be that they are generally plant-based. Despite their relatively short life thus far, you don’t have to worry about being unable to find eco or natural paints in your local DIY store, (there are plenty online), because manufacturers are selling it in abundance and ready-mixed so you can simply walk up to the shelves, choose your color and get cracking!


They come in a range of colors and, like the modern paints, can be made to your desired shade so that you get the exact color you want for your walls or furniture, but it is worth noting that paints made with natural oils do take longer to dry (so don’t go sitting on your freshly painted chairs for a little while!)

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