GP: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

The places we see, the things we experience, the happy times, and the people that are influential within our lives, are all things that we never want to forget. We will never be able to truly capture the way we felt at that time or be able to completely relive the experience, but we are able to capture a special moment in order to help and remind us of it in the future. Photographs give us the opportunity to remember a time that was sacred and allow us to remember what it felt like to be in that situation or surrounded by certain people.


AFM Mikaela 1Special occasions such as weddings, christenings and birthday celebrations are the times when cameras come into their own; there is nothing nicer then having a series of pictures from the day to look over and last a lifetime. Photo booth rentals are the latest craze; they give the chance for guests and a number of different to people to capture themselves in the best ways possible. They are a fun spin on the need for memories and there is nothing more pleasurable than capturing the laughter and fun that was had at that time. People have their own perception of what makes a truly good photograph, and allowing others to capture their idea of the perfect moment can create a unique range of images that will summarize the day, time or event perfectly. This is another reason why photo booths are the perfect addition to any special day – the more elaborate and captivating the images are, the better outcome they produce and the mood and atmosphere, which surrounds the day, will be forever captured and remembered.


Photographs are not only designed to be able to relive a certain memory or time of life, but are used to show other people the things that you have experienced and the times you simply never want to forget. Images are another form of communication; they are used to exchange thoughts, feelings and emotions and to allow people to share in each other’s lives.


Photographs and videos have never been more important than they are in current times. The popularity of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter has called for a bigger need of images to share with the online audience. Words are simply not enough, the moment needs to be captured and shared with the people you engage with regularly on a social basis.


Photographs quickly become an important part of history, whether it is someone’s personal history or an era or period of time they allow future generations to truly understand the nature of the past, the way people lived, the clothes that were worn and the way society was conducted. It is so important to be able to show those that are unaware just what it was like to live through different events and that applies to personal events as well as global issues, such as the first great recession or the way weddings were held in the 1960’s for example.


Pictures will forever be important; the way they are captured is something that will continue to change and develop, but the purpose and feeling which surrounds photographs, will always remain the same.

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