Shop for Your Home on a Budget

house victorianLooking for items to spruce up your home but your ideas are not exactly in line with your checkbook then here are some tips that will help you shop for your home on a budget. First, shop thrift stores, yard sales, and clearance racks for items that you can be used to spruce up your home. With some work these items can turn your home into a showplace. Also do not be afraid to try a little do it yourself projects. For example, I go to one of our local thrift stores and buy throw pillows.  It does not matter what they look like I just want the form, it is cheaper than buying foam. After washing them, I use the form and some material and recover pillows to make new throw pillows for my couch or bed. I have even used these when I recovered some chair giving these seats a little extra cushion. So here is my suggestion to you if you are looking for ways to spruce your home up, look through catalogs and magazines and find the ideas that you love. Then with that in mind go to those local second hand shops and see if you can recreate that look for less. If I can do it, you can too

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