Get Rewarded for Your Purchases With Cash Back Rewards #CashBack

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Get Rewarded for your Purchases


I will have to say that with the holidays right around the corner I am always looking for ways to save. One of the ways I have found is that I buy presents all throughout the year. It makes it easier plus I get a lot of things on sale or clearance so that saves me a lot of money.

gracie car (1)

Another think I have done is to cut out drinking soda. Now that doesn’t mean I don’t get caffeine, because I must have a least one caffeine drink a day to avoid having a massive migraine by the end of the day but cutting out soda and limiting myself to one cup of coffee a day makes all the difference. Health and financial wise. But of course limiting myself to one cup of coffee a day I want to make sure it is one awesome cup. And it is. After I drop my youngest off at school, I can be found in the Starbucks Drive Thru line ordering a Venti White Chocolate Mocha. I know this may seem extravagant but in all honesty it is not. Plus it gives me fuel to work on my blog.

Region Fuel for working on blog #CashBack

First because I have the Starbucks app that rewards me each time I get a coffee or a snack and before to long I have a free drink.


But I am also rewarded by using my Regions Debit Card. With their cash back rewards program it is like each purchase I make at Starbucks is putting money back into my account. How cool is that?

Now not every one may have the same offers like Starbucks, because the Regions: Cash Back Rewards Program tailors the cash back offers to each person based on their interests. And long time followers of the blog know that  I am a big Starbucks fan so I love that I can get cash back for my purchases made using their debit card. If you don’t bank at Regions Bank, you can still check with your bank to see if they offer similar programs most banks do offer this. Also I want to say that this program only works with their debit cards.

Regions #CashBack White Chocolate

And after all using this cash back system I don’t feel so guilty fueling my White Chocolate Mocha addiction!!! And the savings adds up think about it I spend at least $5.00 each time I go to through the drive through I justify it by saying that I am earning money using both my card and the app.

I will have to say that I love the convenience of using this card and I love that I can connect my debit card to my app so I don’t have to keep pulling it out everytime I pay. I also love that it is very safe to use as well as how easy it is to use. I also love that I don’t need it to clip coupons as they are already loaded to my card. Talk about making things easy.

So tell do you use a cash back Debit card and if so what guilty pleasure do you use it on to justify you buying it? Inquiring minds want to know.


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