Get Ready for Thanksgiving Now

 Thanksgiving is a time of friends and family. It is also time for road trips. Visiting friends and family for the holidays does not have to break the bank if you plan ahead for your trip. If your family is like mine you really cannot afford the cost of plane tickets. Because let’s face it the cost of plane tickets for 5 are outrageous. So we normally go by car. With the price of gas raising this will cut into our food budget. Here are some ideas for saving on food during road trips. Hope it helps and happy traveling. If you are travelling from morning to night here are some ideas for food items to pack for your trip. For breakfast try muffins, bananas, donuts, honey buns (If you think it will be easier for you, buy them individually packaged. I’m not sure why, but kids seem to love individually packaged things and it makes everything more fun.) We normally eat sandwiches for lunch and dinner. When we make sandwiches we
normally buy hamburger buns to use on our road trips for sandwiches. They normally hold up better during the trip and they are easier to hold. Make sure you also pack fruits and veggies as well. Remember just because you are eating on the go does not mean that you can’t eat healthy. Then don’t forget to pack drinks. And most importantly
don’t forget the water!

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