Using Social Networking Sites to Save Money

We’ve all heard of and seen the rise of social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Many of us are members and use such sites to keep in touch with friends and family, share our photo’s and memorable events with others, plus stay up to date with products and companies we like. But did you know that you can use sites such as Instagram to actually help save money?


In this modern financial climate more and more people are looking to save money on their bills, shopping and other products that we just can’t live without. So why not let social networking help you to do just that? It’s easy to do and you could even start your own save money following and help others in the same situation make the most of what cash they have available. Saving money with Instagram is quick, free and benefits your wallet.


Imagine you are at the local grocery store, when you see they have a deal on toilet rolls for example, but that offer is only open for another few hours. Yes you could buy the toilet rolls and save money but without making expensive calls or SMS to friends then how can you let them know? The answer is simple – using your iPad or iPhone take a photograph, add your selected #hashtags, such as #Grabthemnow or #great offeratthestoretoday, select a filter from the list and upload direct to your followers, friends and relatives via Instagram.


You can even set up a coupon and deal sharing file that could be seen by thousands of people daily, meaning many more people make savings on their regular purchases. Get together with friends and other bargain hunters , enabling many deals to be found in one place and you never know it might even go viral! Shopping for great deals is made so much easier when you know where and when to get them, no more missing out by a day on those products you want but can rarely afford, you’ll know straight away where the bargains are and could even use Instagram to help you budget better.


The possibilities are endless when you use social networking to find and share bargains with others. Imagine the savings you could make on holiday gifts if you had even 100 other people helping you out and posting photographs and files of the exact location and savings on certain products. Signing up to Instagram is simple and free, with 1 new user joining every second don’t you think it’s time you put social network sites to good use and helped your personal finances?


Instagram remains one of the fastest growing social networking sites across the globe, with over 30 million accounts set up since October 2010. To date there are over 150 million photographs hosted on the Instagram site, with more added every minute of every day. Saving money and time is always a good investment so go ahead and improve your finances from day one, let social network sites like Instagram help you and others to put the zing back into life and the $’s into your wallet.


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