Whole Foods With #MomsMeet

I was invited to attend this event through Moms Meet. I was not under any obligation to write about it but it was so awesome that I wanted to. 

whole foods produce

Yesterday I attended an event through Moms Meet at Whole Foods in Cary. If you are unfamiliar with Whole Foods, here is a little bit about them. Whole Foods is a chain that specializes in selling natural and organic foods. Most people think that natural and organic means no flavor but let me tell you it is so not true. When my friend and I arrived at Whole Foods we were ushered in with other moms who were also attending the event to the conference room. Once in the conference room, Elizabeth and Matt, our hosts and employees of Whole Foods, had us sample some  of items they carry. I am so in love with Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips right now. I was also impressed with how friendly and knowledgeable the employees were at the store.

whole foods employees

As Matt was giving us the tour, several employees came over and added to the conversation. They are always willing to answer questions that any shopper may have. They also have some awesome pamphlets spread throughout the store to help the shopper. Because no matter how knowledgeable the staff are they can’t come home with you. And if you are anything like me you tend to forget a lot of stuff that they may have said. So this will help spark that memory a little bit.

whole foods fresh

Touring the store was interesting and informative. I was impressed with the quality of product and the fact that Whole Foods goes the extra mile to make sure that shoppers are getting the best quality for their money. All the foods are labeled whether they are organic or not. They also have an awesome produce department and they showcase the local farms that they buy from. Within the produce department they also have a section that will help those on the go prepare dinner with precut vegetables and fruits.

There are a lot of specialty sections through Whole Foods. I am not a big fan of seafood but their seafood section is to die for.

whole foods make own peanut butter

One thing that I loved the most was the option to make your own peanut butter. I am totally impressed with that. I can’t wait to take my girls back just to try this.

If you are looking for a store that offers natural and organic foods, then check to see if there is a Whole Foods near you. If your Whole Foods is anything like the Whole Foods in Cary than you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Oh my gosh, you can make your own peanut butter? That is amazing! I would spend a whole day just doing that! I’ve not ever been in a Whole Foods, but really need to find one close by!

  2. I love Whole Foods, but I don’t really have one all that close to me. There is one by my sister, who lives north of Boston, so whenever I go to see her, I stop at WF and stock up!

  3. A Whole Foods recently moved into a town close to me. It’s a quaint Whole Foods compared to the one I used to shop at when I lived in NYC- but it’s a Whole Foods nonetheless. I absolutely love Whole Foods! It’s one of my favorite places to shop.

  4. Yes, there is a Whole Foods not that far from me which I have not been to. I have been to other Whole Food stores! I must say-they are amazing and the variety of products they carry is phenomenal. I don’t worry over much about eating organic –but those organic snacks they have are very good! One of these days I will brave the parking lot to go to the Whole Foods near me.

  5. I really wish there was a Whole Foods in our area. I don’t think it’s in the Midwest at all, to my knowledge. We have a limited supply of organic foods locally and it’s disappointing!

  6. I wish we had a whole foods around here, I have seen some amazing deals from people who do shop there and your tour makes the staff sound so friendly!

  7. I wish I had a Whole Foods close. The closest one is about an hour away. They always put on some great events and workshops.

  8. We got a tour of the beauty department at Whole Foods, which was awesome. I would love to get a tour of the whole store.

  9. I’m not sure there’s a Whole Foods around here, but I LOVE the idea of making your own Peanut butter. Sounds like a fantastic store to have around…

  10. Whole Foods is where I shop and my kids love making their own peanut butter. They have all the great organic products that I love

  11. I don’t have a Whole Foods near me but when we go into the city, we always try to go there. I love their product department!

  12. I love that jut about everything at WholeFoods is good for you. Even the sweets have “good” things in them often! THe one near me in Phoenix/Scottsdale had a wine bar. AWESOME!

  13. I’m so glad that organic food is making is way slowly through the masses. We need more awareness about healthy, whole and organic food.

  14. We just got one of these on the other side of town and I have been wanting to go check it out! I will definitely make the drive now! Can’t wait to see what all is inside!

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