Frugal Craft: Grilling Apron For Dad

apron 2
I wanted to do something fun with my son for his dad on Father’s Day and since they love to fish together and Trey loves to grill, why not a fishing apron? I went to Michael’s and used my 40% off coupon to buy the apron ( I used the one with pockets on the front) I also found some Craft Smart acrylic paint 3 for $1 to use. It was super easy to clean up on my 3 year old. For my lips, pole, line and reel handle I used a red and black permanent marker.I used paper plate to pour the paint in (It doesn’t take very much)  and randomly put his hand prints on the apron. ( I used a wet washcloth to clean his hands when changing paint colors. I made all my fish first) I then used my red marker to make a sideways “M” and filled it in to make my lips and once the fish dried enough (Which on took a few minutes if your paint isn’t very thick) I drew little circles for my eyes with the black permanent marker. I also used a paper plate to dip his foot in paint, this was a little bit challenging I did this in my bathroom so he could prop up against our tub to help balance himself. From the tips of his toes I made a thicker line to represent the pole and went above it and drew thinner humps to represent the line and came down so it met one of the fishes mouth to make it looked like it was hooked. I went back up to the inside of his foot and drew a thick line went up with the thick line and went out a drew a circle and filled it in for the reel handle. I used my finger tip and the green paint to draw the seaweed at the bottom. Just simply dipping my finger in the paint and making a grass like look. I went back up to the top center of the pockets and wrote “Hooked on You” and in the bottom right hand corner “Love you!”I hung it up on a coat hanger and it was dry in a couple hours.
apron 3
It was easy and super fun for Will and a big hit in our family!
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Kalin is a busy mom to an adorable three year old boy named Will. She is very creative and I hope she will continue to share her ideas  with you. Not only is she very creative, she is also one amazing person. If it was not for all of her help with Mikaela’s  Quinceanera (among others) we would not have made it through. Kalin is also known as the one who took Trey away from Gracie(she has loved him since she was 3). Trey is someone we have known since he was around 6 years old. (Now he is grown up with his own family)

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  1. That apron is so cute! My husband really doesn’t enjoy getting presents, rather he likes to buy for himself so he can select/love it. This is perfect for him because I can still fund his shopping trip and the kids can learn that doing for dad is a must!

  2. Oh my goodness!!! That is such a cute apron! I love it! And so easy to do too! And I bet any dad would love an apron so personalized for himself like that!

  3. According to Kalin Trey loved it and her little boy loved making it for him

  4. Such a cute idea. And simple too, especially for the grill master dad. Thanks for sharing!

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