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In my quest into this blogging world I have found some very awesome friends. Some that have helped me out along the way, some that inspire me to be a better person, some that I have had a front row seat in the cheering section as they start on their new journey of blogging. With that said I want to showcase several blogs that I have grown to love.



First is Everything and Nothing from Essex. I don’t remember when I was first introduced to this blog, but it one of my must reads. It has even challenged me in ways that no other blog has. Deanna is a mom of three adorable children. Her oldest happens to have Down’s syndrome and she chronicles her life with her beautiful family and their challenges.  I often share her links on my page as well as sharing them with my girls to show them that sometimes words can hurt. Because of her blog, I have rethought how the word “retarded” and have challenged both myself and my girls not to use this word anymore because of the negative thoughts it can bring. Plus Deanna is just plain hilarious. I love her take on things. She is taking a month of from blogging so she can enjoy her family and I am sad but looking forward to reading her blog posts when she gets back. Just read her bio

I am a wife; a mother; a reader; a writer; a housework-avoider; a horrible photographer who is happy just to get both kids smiling; a friend; an introvert; a coffee lover; a drama addict. I stay at home with my three children- 4, 2, and…well 0. I used to be a music teacher. Now I gently chide the intonation of super technical pieces such as “Ba Ba Black Sheep” on a toy with a dying battery. This blog started as a way to sort through not only becoming a first time mom at 25, but becoming a first time mom to a baby with special needs- Down syndrome. Now this blog is a place to make out with my new obsession of words. Big words, little words, funny words, serious words- words, words, words.

fab fight

Another blogger that inspires me is The Fabulous Fight. Kasey was the subject of one of my leaps of faith profiles here. She is an amazing young woman that is fighting for her life but still does it with a smile on her face and in her heart. She says that even if you are still fighting for your life you can still look fabulous. Check her blog out it will give you some awesome insight. Just read her bio and you will be hooked.

Hey! I am Kasey. I am 26 years and a proud wife and mommy. I have a beautiful 3 year old daughter who has been my driving force. I was diagnosed in January of 2012 with stage 3 breast cancer. I had a double mastectomy, moved across the country for my husband’s Air Force career, and started chemotherapy! I had both chemo and radiation and was diagnosed in June 2013 with stage 4 breast cancer. I continue to fight and find the beauty in my pain and fight with dignity, tears and grace. Because of my cancer diagnosis, I now own more amazing shoes than I ever need to make sense of. I am a better mama and wifey. I have learned to dress my new amazing FIGHTING body and can apply make up like no one’s business! I don’t know why I am going through what I am going through, but over the past couple of years I have learned more tips and tricks, met more amazing people, and gone on more shopping trips than I ever would have without my diagnosis. Because of my struggles, I am a Christian and have found that without faith I am filled with fear. I know that my drive for fashion and my curiosity to remain as “normal” on the outside as possible will help you keep your fight completely fabulous! So get ready to try some new shades on those lids, find some fun names for your wigs and love your body like you never have before!


One of the bloggers I am most proud to know is Queen Jarrell. I am lucky enough to call her one of my BFF’s. I have known since Maddie was in kindergarten. She is amazing person and blogger as well. She is very open about her life and the struggles she had with ED (eating disorders). She is an art teacher and has an amazing eye for fashion and design. Plus she also has lots of yummy things on her blog as she learning how to eat healthier. She is amazing person. Here is what her blog is all about.

My goal is to make healthful living enjoyable and fulfilling. There were several years in my 20?s and 30?s that I had lost the “sparkle” in my life. I discovered that in order to recover, I owed it to my body and my mind to find the “sparkle”. I had to learn to treat my body and mind as if I were a queen. Thus, the name of my blog, Queen Jarrell was born.  Because I am now the queen of my own life, I made a vow to never let food, negative thoughts, and negative people rule my life again! My mission is to create thoughtful, positive, and helpful posts that, hopefully, might inspire someone to become the queen (or king) of their own life. Please join me in my journey to healthy living as I continue to find “sparkle” in this ordinary, yet extraordinary, life.


this chicadee logo copy

Then there is Cindi, my friend from Down Home Magazine. But did you know she also blogs at this chic-a-dee. She has an amazing eye for design. I love reading her magazine and well as her posts on Facebook. I am hoping to do a series with her in the near future where I remake my home using found treasures. Just read her awesome profile. She loves to recycle, reuse and repurpose things.

Hi – I love being creative. recycling…revamping…making stuff up…thinking out of the box…being frugal…and yes…sharing it all with my family and friends.




The last blogger is Andrea at Salt 1620, my friend  from high school. I just recently reconnected with her after 20 some years. She has just moved her whole family, 5 kids and her husband to Belize for a mission trip for 6 months. I know there was a reason that God replaced her in my life in this year. It has been a very trying year and just knowing that I could text, call or message her always make me feel better. I plan on helping her with her mission trip. There may be blog posts about sending boxes to Belize. I am still waiting for the right way that I can help her serve. But I know the Lord will send me the way that He wants me to serve.  Just read their awesome tagline.

andrea and family

We have seen numerous miracles and unexplained happenings that we love to call “The Normal Christian Life”. We believe that the greatest demonstration of God’s Love is still to come!

So these are my fab five blogs to follow I love how each are so totally different and unique and yet all have an awesome outlook on life. What blogs do you follow?  I am always looking for new blogs to follow. So share.


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  1. Thanks for the heads up on these blogs-I like to follow Grandma Juice -she’s pretty funny and to the point. I like the giveaways on too many blogs to mention and have won some awesome prizes.

  2. That is really awesome of you to give these shout outs to your favorites. I love when the blogging community is so supportive of each other.

  3. I love getting shout outs it was hard to chose just 5 I think I will be doing this more

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