GP: Ski Wear Through the Ages

Ever since man set his eyes upon the glorious snowy mountains of the world, he has wanted to propel himself from the top of said mountains at dangerous speeds. It’s just in our nature.

Sitting on the cusp of 2014 this is still true, the only difference? We look better while doing it. With the introduction of the Winter Olympics, extreme sports and even festivals such as ‘Snowbombing’, the slopes are in the public eye more than ever so you need to look your best whilst hopping on that ski lift.

Cast your eyes down to the bottom of this article and you can see an overview of how styles and trends have changed over the years, it’s been quite a journey. From the no nonsense durable outfits of the 20s to the modern snowsuit of the noughties, winter clothing has never looked so good!

As for the future? Who knows what we’ll be wearing! It’s as the old saying goes the only constant is change.
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