What are You Getting Your Kids for Valentine’s Day?

AFM Kid's Valentines

Valentine’s Day was one of the holidays I look forward to when I was a kid. I would have a mail box that I made at school and waited patiently until Valentine’s Day to see if filled with Valentine’s from my classmates. I could not wait after I got home off the bus to open all them to see what tiny treasures were inside. My favorite Valentines were anything with candy or a little treat inside. I love that. So now that I am older and have children of my own I always try to get my girls a little card with some candy but also something a little extra that does not cost a ton. Like for instance, Maddie, my oldest, she just got a new phone for Christmas, so she will be getting accessories for our phone. Mikaela, my middle daughter, loves anything soccer, so that is easy. Gracie, my youngest, is happy with just about anything. So I can get by with just pulling together a goody bag for her. So what are you getting your kids for Valentine’s Day?

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