Cross Craft for Less

Here is an easy craft that will you use as a favor for a wedding or as an ornament for your Christmas tree. This is a frugal craft. All you need is two nails that are different lengths, wire, and beads. Here is how you do it.

AFM Cross 1

First you take the nails and place one over the other in a cross pattern. Take the wire and wrap it around the center of the cross so that the nails stay snug and in place. Like this.

AFM Cross 2

Once you have the nails secured in your cross pattern. Start at the top of the longest nail and wrap wire several times around the upper part of the nail. Once you have it wrapped, then you can start threading your beads onto the wire. Continue wrapping until the whole cross if covered. Like this

AFM Cross 3

After this is done, you either leave it like it is or you can add a ribbon bow and flower on it like I did. We will be using these for favors at Mikaela’s quinceanera in March.

AFM Cross 4

So what do you think? This cost less than a dollar to make. So I say that this a frugal and unique craft for any event. What crafts have you created lately?? Share I am always looking for ideas.

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