The Best Dressed Celebrities of 2012


runwayLooking back at 2012, I find myself making list of things. You name it I have made a list for it. One of my lists includes a list of the best dressed celebrities in 2012.So here are my nominees for the best dressed in my eyes. They are in no certain order.


  • Kate Middleton- is there anything that she cannot wear and wear it well. Even as an expecting mom she is the embodiment of fashion, style and class. Princess Diana would be proud of William’s choice.
  • The Kardashian- Jenner Clan- From mom Kris down to baby sister Kylie, these women have a great sense of style and fashion. I guess that is why they own a clothing store.
  • Taylor Swift- She may change her boyfriends as often as her clothes. But she is all about the fashion on this one.
  • Victoria Beckham- I have to admit that I admire her for wearing those stiletto heels everywhere she goes. If it was me I would fall flat on my face as soon as I took one step.



So these are my top choices for the best dressed women celebrities in 2012. Who is on your list? Inquiring minds want to know.

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