Eight Must-Have Items for Tiny Dancers

Eight Must-Have Items for Tiny Dancers from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Professional ballerinas may look lithe and delicate, but they are actually strong athletes who dedicate their lives to the sport. The physical and mental stress they endure while preparing for a performance is extremely challenging. Fortunately, your child won’t have this experience during recreational ballet class, where the focus will be on form and fun.

Even though your child will likely grow up to be something other than a professional ballerina, it is important to have the essential items in their dance bag, to make their experience as pleasant as possible. Here is some of the must-have gear for your tiny dancer:

Dance Shoes

Perhaps the most obvious item in your child’s dance bag will be an appropriate pair of dance shoes. Your instructor will indicate which type of shoes will work best, but usually, basic ballet slippers will do the trick. Pointe shoes are typically not required until the dancer is older or in a competitive environment. If you’re wondering where to find ballet shoes, trusted online suppliers often offer the best balance of quality and price.

Extra Tights

Unlike the dancers who don them, tights are delicate and easily damaged. As such, your child’s dance bag should always have a spare pair in case they notice a run or tear before a performance. Some instructors require a certain color for alignment when doing barre work, so be sure to confirm what is needed before purchasing.

Water Bottle

Even calmer, slow-paced dance routines can cause dancers to sweat as they train. For this purpose, your child will require a water bottle they can refill before each of their classes. Staying hydrated is crucial for any athlete and dancers are no exception.

A Healthy Snack

Like hydration, nutrition is an important aspect of fuelling an athlete’s performance. Your dancer might find themselves famished after class or be confined to a room backstage for hours during competitions and performances. Having a healthy snack, like an apple or carrot sticks and hummus can keep your child happy and healthy at these times. Try not to pack excessively messy foods that can ruin a costume when spilled.

Hair Products and Accessories

If your child is in ballet, prepare to go through a lot of bobby pins, elastics, and even hair nets. Ballerinas of all ages are required to have their hair put up neatly for performances and exams. Hair nets are a useful tool for holding everything together and preventing flyaways. A travel-sized can of hairspray is ideal for on-the-go touch-ups.

Bandages and Antibiotic Ointment

Blisters and chafing can make for a painful dance class and seriously hinder performance. Keeping bandages and antibiotic ointment in your child’s dance bag will ensure they can patch themselves up and get back on the floor quickly. Sometimes your child might not notice a sore spot until their dance shoes rub them the wrong way, so it is important to have these products readily available.

Baby Wipes

Baby wipes have multiple purposes when added to a dance bag. They can be used to wipe one’s hands after eating, clean spots where food has spilled on a costume, remove sweat and refresh the skin, or remove stage makeup.


Remember to add a form of entertainment for competitions and performances. As previously mentioned, your child may be restricted to one area during these times, especially if they have multiple dances to partake in on the same day. Whether you choose a book, coloring materials, a tablet, or something else is between you and your child. Remember not to add anything too messy, lest it ends up on the costume.

Once you’ve put together everything you need for your child’s ballet classes, performances, exams, and competitions, there are just two more things to remember for yourself: a camera and a pocket full of tissues.


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