How To Promote Good Spine Health in Kids

How To Promote Good Spine Health in Kids

The spine is one the most needed parts of our bodies, y’all, especially for kids! A healthy spine supports long and wholesome life. As parents, we must know how to promote good spine health in kids.

Correct Posture

Kids pick up on what their parents do. This was a huge wake-up call to realize that I needed a reality check for my posture! How we stand or sit makes up almost all our waking time during the day. With kids spending hours at their desks during school, they must understand how good posture helps them feel better in the long run.

Build Strength

A mobile back is a healthy back! The spine needs to move in all directions: forward bend, backbend, leaning side to side and twisting. Naturally, kids are more active than we are, which is excellent! All sorts of activities can help build strength in a spine, such as walking, playing in the jungle gym, sports, biking, swimming, climbing trees, or dancing. Building muscle and core strength in age-appropriate ways helps keep the spine in proper alignment, which, in turn, helps your kid thrive for the rest of their life.

Proper Rest

On the contrary to regular exercise, y’all can also promote good spine health in kids through appropriate rest. Taking a day off will help restore their bodies and prevent overuse injuries from flaring up for very active kids. As much as they might resist a firmer bed, laying down on a more rigid surface is better for their spines down the road. Lastly, staying flexible will also encourage a great range of motion for the spine. Remind your kids to stretch after strenuous activities. You can also have them stretch while watching a TV show or YouTube videos—it beats just sitting still like a zombie!

Talk With a Doctor

There are situations where more serious spinal conditions creep into your life. No amount of perfect posture, exercise, and restorative care can make a difference in some instances. If this applies to you, it’s time to call in backup! Make an appointment with your primary care provider to have them check out your child’s back.

Through a few simple lifestyle modifications, you can ensure that your child is on their way to growing up with a healthy spine.

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