How To Paint Ovolo Style Skirting Boards?

How To Paint Ovolo Style Skirting Boards from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Is the color of the baseboards in your home faded? Could they use a fresh coat of paint? If you don’t mind spending the weekend on such a cosmetic improvement project, you’d only need a primer and a few cans of paint to get the job done. 

Nevertheless, a step-by-step procedure should be followed before rolling up your sleeves so as to protect the property from potential damage. Masking the walls and floors is essential for preventing paint drips and splatters, while drop cloths are vital for floor protection. 

These are the tips to bear in mind when painting ovolo style skirting boards. 

Purchase the necessary supplies

Prior to commencing the painting process, homeowners are expected to purchase the necessary supplies from the nearest paint store. Make sure you avoid using a brush or a roller to paint the baseboards but purchase a painting pad instead. These pads are known to be as wide as most of the skirting boards, thus facilitating the painting process and reducing the likelihood of drips. 

In terms of paint, one is recommended to opt for an oil-based colourant, not a water-based one. The former is known to be more durable and easy to maintain, not being easily damaged by detergents. The choice of colour depends on the interior design and preferences of homeowners, but most individuals go for white baseboards. 

Nevertheless, some residents decide to paint them in the same color as their walls. Go to this link,, to learn more about the differences in water-based, latex-based, and oil-based colorants. 

Keep them in place or remove them? 

Another critical decision to make before painting your skirting boards is whether to paint them while being secured to the walls or remove them. Keeping the baseboards in place is more complicated, as you’ll have to protect the floors and walls from splatters. 

Nevertheless, people dwelling in older homes have no other option but leave the boards secured to the walls due to the multiple layers of paint on top of the joints. Trying to remove the baseboards is likely to result in greater wall damage than the one caused in the course of painting. 

How To Paint Ovolo Style Skirting Boards from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

In contrast, individuals living in new homes face fewer problems during the removal process, using no other tool but a pry bar. In the event of installing brand new skirting boards, homeowners are strongly advised to paint them prior to attaching them to the wall. It’s normal for some damage to be done to the surface while installing the boards, which can be later repaired with a little touch-up. 

Clean the baseboards

In order to ensure a better finish, one is supposed to clean the skirting boards thoroughly before applying any primer or colourant. You’d probably be surprised by the amount of built-up dirt, as most homeowners fail to wipe or vacuum the baseboards during regular cleaning sessions. 

Make sure you put a small amount of dish soap on a cloth or a sponge and soak it in warm water. Once it starts foaming, wipe the entire surface so as to eliminate potential stains and dirt. Instead of dish soap, you can use a solution of water and white vinegar, which is equally efficient in removing stains. Don’t forget to wipe the surface with a dry cloth once done. 

Protect the walls and floor

The only way for inexperienced painters to prevent wall and floor damage is to mask their edges with the help of a painter’s tape. The tape should be used right above your ovolo style skirting boards and between them and the flooring. As a result, you’ll protect the area both above and below the boards from paint splatters. Some individuals even decide to use a masking film for better protection. 

Anyhow, make sure you use painter’s tape to mask the baseboards, not the standard masking tape. The latter can damage wall paint when being removed after the painting process is completed. For maximal floor protection, cover the flooring with a drop cloth. 

Use a primer 

When purchasing un-primed ovolo style baseboards, you’re required to apply a coat of primer to the surface prior to painting it. Even pre-primed baseboards can use another layer of primer, particularly those that have already been painted. 

It’s paramount not to overload the painting pad with primer but use an adequate amount. The pad should be drawn in a horizontal direction with long strokes. Keep in mind that water-based primers aren’t appropriate for priming MDF, so make sure you purchase a solvent-based one. Nowadays, most of the baseboard styles, such as the Ovolo Skirting board, are made from high-quality MDF. Given that the largest part of MDF skirting boards is pre-primed, you won’t even have to apply a primer.

Paint the boards

The ultimate step of the procedure is applying paint, which should be stirred before opening. After using the first coat of colourant, you should wait for a minimum of 24 hours for it to dry properly. In the meantime, put the painting pad in a plastic bag to prevent paint from drying out. The following day, take the pad out of the bag and dip it into the can in order to apply the second coat. Wait for another day before removing the painter’s tape. 

Bottom line

Painting baseboards requires patience, attention to detail, and use of the right supplies.

Take the challenge!

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