How to Throw a Frugal Birthday Party, Without Spoiling the Magic

How to Throw a Frugal Birthday Party Without Spoiling the Magic from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

We’re all tightening our belts these days, with many of us cutting our weekly and monthly budget even further. Whether you’re trying to make your salary stretch, or you’re taking your savings up a gear, it’s important to remember that being frugal doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun things in life – like birthdays! If your child has a birthday coming up, it’s all too easy to let your budget spiral out of control. From parties and treats to gifts and experiences, it all very quickly adds up. So, to help you stay on budget and to ensure your little boy or girl gets the birthday they deserve, I’ve listed some simple ways you can throw a frugal birthday party, without spoiling the magic. Read on to find out more.

Get The Gifts Right

Planning gifts as far in advance as possible is always a good place to start. It can help you manage the costs better and it means that expensive panic buying in the days before, doesn’t scupper your budget. You’ll find a range of girls and boys gift ideas here, or simply ask your child (in good time) what gifts they’d like for their birthday. This is also a good opportunity to manage their expectations and ensure you get them something they really want.


It’s easy to see the Insta-mums on social media and people you haven’t spoken to in years, throwing extravagant parties for their children, and feeling like a failure. However, it’s important to remember, that your child won’t care about any of that so you mustn’t feel pressured to overspend and compete with others whose true financial situation you know nothing about! When it comes to decorations, keep things simple. A few touches here and there, balloons, and streamers will get everyone in the party mood. You could even make these decorations yourself!


Your child might want to invite everyone in their class to their party, so set limitations early on so they’re not disappointed and so you can keep within your budget. Consider matching the number of guests with how old they’re going to be. So if your daughter is turning 8, invite 8 friends, etc. This keeps costs down and makes the party much more fun!


You’re going to need to come up with some sort of entertainment for the duration. And while entertainers and bouncy castles are amazing choices, they’re not always budget-friendly. To keep things frugal, but fun, keep things traditional with a musical chairs game or pass the parcel with treats like sweets and candy as the prize. Or if you have the room and the time, organize a scavenger hunt in your backyard!


Kids’ party food doesn’t have to be delicate finger sandwiches cut into triangles – most of it goes to waste! Frozen food is your friend here, as you can buy it in bulk for a low price, cook what you need and minimize waste, so stock up the freezer!

Final Thoughts…

A frugal party doesn’t have to mean less fun, consider these points above to keep costs low and the magic high!

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