4 of Most Surprising Reveals on The Masked Singer

4 of Most Surprising Reveals on The Masked Singer from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

In The Masked Singer, celebrities disguise themselves in elaborate costumes and masks to compete based only on their singing ability. MBC started the South Korean reality TV show The King of Masked Singer in 2015.

FOX brought the concept to American audiences on January 2, 2019. Several other celebrities serve as judges for the American show, including Ken Jeong, Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, and Jenny McCarthy, as well as recurring guests like John McHale.


One of the promises of season five was that it would be a “game-changer”. Until season five, The Masked Singer only featured human performers, so when Snail started singing in a familiar Muppet’s voice, the judges thought it was a comedian doing an imitation. But at the reveal, the judges and audience discovered the Snail was none other than the famous frog himself, Kermit (voiced by puppeteer Matt Vogel).


In season one, Monster had the judges stumped for most of the season. After his expressive and emotive performances captivated the audience, Monster was declared the season’s first winner. The judges were stunned to discover that the man behind the mask was actually rapper T-Pain, whose amazing vocals were obscured by auto-tune in his earlier career.


American fans of the show are usually quick to catch on to a singer’s identity, but both judges and viewers had a hard time guessing who was behind the Rottweiler mask. Rottweiler’s rock vocals and impressive range heralded guesses like Darren Criss, but none of the judges guessed it was former American Idol competitor Chris Daughtry.


The fans and judges expected a political figure to appear on The Masked Singer from the very beginning, but no one expected Bear’s enthusiastic performance of Baby Got Back to hide a politician behind the mask. The judges thought Bear could be comedian Tina Fey after hints about Saturday Night Live appeared in the clue package. However, when it turned out that Bear was no other than former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, a character Tina Fey often portrayed on Saturday Night Live, everyone was speechless.

Aside from some of the show’s most powerful singers, like season four winner LeAnn Rimes, other non-singing celebrities like basketball player Victor Oladipo and skier Chloe Kim have revealed their impressive singing abilities. With clever clues and hints to help you figure out who is behind the mask, how will The Masked Singer surprise you next?

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