Easy Summer Lunch For Hungry Teens #SuddenlySaladSummer

party time

Summertime means that my house is always full with activities. I love to listen to my girls and their friends hang out. The other day my house became ear piercing central. Mikaela and her friends decided to pierce each other’s ears. Of course they built up quite an appetite and it was lunch time.

I looked through my pantry to see what I could fix for 4 hungry teenagers.  I couldn’t find anything, but as I was deep thought about what to fix for lunch, my attention was drawn to the couch.

Gracie and Allie begging for more

Gracie and Allie wanted me to make the Ranch and Bacon Suddenly Salad that I had just recently bought at our local Publix with this coupon for $.75 off of three boxes of Suddenly Salad.

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Pizza and Pasta

I knew that one box of Suddenly Salad wouldn’t be enough for these hungry kids. So I decided to pair it up with a frozen pizza.  And plus when you think pasta, you know Pizza just goes with it. Just look at how nice the pasta looks with the pizza.

Pasta salad

The kids gobbled up the pizza and pasta, even going back for second and thirds.

Pizza and friends

I am just glad that I had Suddenly Salad on hand. It  makes life a little easier. And the kids loved it. I will have to say that the Ranch Bacon is our go to for any quick parties that we need to go to or for impromptu get togethers at our house. Because I never know when I will have a house full of hungry teenagers needing to be fed this summer.

Summertime and pasta salad

Right now, I am on my way to my local Publix to redeem this amazing coupon for more Suddenly Salad. Because that is something I need to keep stocked in my pantry.

And guess what else I have for you beside the tip that Suddenly Salad is a great impromptu party staple, a giveaway for $15 Paypal Cash. Just use the rafflecopter below to enter.

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  1. My cold Chicken Olive Pastas salad that I love making this time of year!

  2. My go-to recipe for summer is a fruit salad with blueberries, strawberries and whipped cream.

  3. I love making the tuna pea cold pasta salad! Love the cold pastas during the summer! These all look so good and would be so easy to make!

  4. Ear piercing central?! Oh man, that brings back so many memories. My younger sister LOVED piercing her own ears and, at one point, had 5 earrings in each ear. She had no more room herself, so chose me and her friends as her very own human pin-cushions-haha! When dealing with hungry teens, you’ve got to think quick and easy-thanks for sharing <3 #SuddenlySaladSummer

  5. Now this I can relate to! Having a houseful of hungry teenagers many a day, I always made sure to have hot dogs and hamburgers & pizza available. Boy teenagers can eat! #HomeMattersParty

  6. You’ve gotta love those secret weapon ingredients you can keep stashed in your pantry for emergencies. I’ve never tried suddenly salad, will have to check it out. Thanks for sharing #HomeMattersParty

  7. I love cold pasta, I’ve haven’t tried this Suddenly Salad out yet. I’ll have to buy some soon. I have 5 young boys who already eat like a bunch of teenagers! #HomeMattersParty

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