……Is Staying at Home that Easy…..

is staying home that easy

After years of building a career, it became time to count our losses and make that hard decision as we were finally “sort of” in the position for me stay at home with the little ones. Although the budget would be tight, it was the wisest option as the stress of both of us working in high demanding jobs was starting to take its toll on our relationship and most importantly on the children.

I had mixed feelings as the final days approached in my professional life, but the other side as a stay at home mother was calling me in ways I never knew existed. A part of me wanted to stay with the kids as it would be great to see them grow up, yet the other part of me was in total fear of what would happen financially and if we would be ok by losing half our combined income.  I had coffee with the girls and picked up mixed signals. The usual comments such as “you can just look for work again” if it does not work out were tossed about but this didn’t calm any nerves that were fluttering in the wind per say. Obviously this was the friends who did not have kids yet and could not understand how enormous the decision was and the impact thereof.

The wiser friends with kids reminded me of what it would mean to our children to have the love of a full time parent at home. Another benefit was that I would understand the stress my husband dealt with and would be in a better position to support him from home.

The first few weeks at home kept me busy with redecorating and having the greatest time with the kids. I got them into a strict routine with an afternoon nap, which allowed me some “me” time and I used this time of the day to stay in touch with what was happening in the world. I read some magazines, watched TV but that became old so I decided to do some exploring online.

I’ve had enjoyed bingo and came across a number of websites that offered bingo and slots online.  There were a few that were offering $20 for free and this got me wondering if this could be true. The adventurous side of me really wanted to find out more. I have never played bingo online and if I could play for free, then why not, nothing to lose right! Once I clicked on the free option, a smooth and fast process took me to a page asking minimum details such as my name, address etc. As I wasn’t looking to make a deposit, I was not required to provide and banking details so I felt it save to continue.

This quick process gave me the option of choosing an alias to play with and I could decide on my own password. I came across a site where a new game started every 8 minutes. As I played, I discovered a whole new friend circle within the bingo chat rooms. What I loved about this was that I was chatting with likeminded people, mostly women, who also stayed home to raise their children. Best of all this was truly free, unless I decided I wanted to deposit after the free money ran out.

The bingo site offered some wonderful deposit bonuses. This piqued my interested and as I became more comfortable with the bingo site, I started making small deposits. This allowed me to continue with my new found social circle during nap times, which we often co-ordinated so as we had a time in the day to catch up.  The site that I used to find the no deposit offers is PlayerX.

Don’t miss my next blog as this was the start of something amazing….

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