Don’t just say Happy Women’s Day: 8 Things to Do to Keep her Happy Everyday

International Women's Day

She may be 60 or 20, but there is always a kid inside her wanting your attention, appreciation, and love. She doesn’t mind waking up early to keep things ready for you. Nor does she mind not having food till you do.

She can wait, dedicate herself, sacrifice everything she loves for the loved ones and all she expects in return is some recognition, few kind words, and respect for everything she has been doing/done.

We don’t really have to say “Thank you” every day but we surely should stop taking her for granted. Let us take an oath this WOMEN’S DAY to keep her happy every day!

So, here are few things to add to your life starting this Women’s day.

  • Spend time with her: How come we are always busy and not available for that person in our life who is everything to us. Imagine a day/ life without her, I bet you won’t say “I am Busy” when she needs you.
  • Take Care of her: Next time when she complains about aching legs or about being exhausted, don’t just say “take rest” or “hmm”. Do whatever you can maybe give a hand on the chores so that she actually can get rest or a little massage on the legs she complaints to be aching. Your act of kindness would not go unappreciated. As a woman only doubles what is given to her.
  • Support Her: Appreciate her talents, encourage her dreams and help her achieve them. Your support makes her strong and helps her stand tall 🙂
  • Share her Burden: There will be times when she is as tired and exhausted as you are and yet she manages to bring food on the table. Help her with the little things, maybe you can set the plates or water? Do it, just to find her overwhelmed and happy.
  • Do not take her for granted: Reciprocate her, she feels alive and happy. Gestures of love and a thank you (when you really mean it) won’t hurt!
  • Keep up the promises: A woman never forgets things you promised her! She expects you to keep up because she believes in you. You don’t want to let her down, do you??
  • Respect Her: Respect her for everything she is, everything she does and love her for the way she loves you unconditionally.
  • Treat her as equal: She is never less than you or anybody else, she never was. Always respect her opinions and words because you know, Women are always Right !!

To all the beautiful, intelligent, strong and confident women out there, I have these words for you: YOU ARE AMAZING, Thank you for being in our lives and HAVE A VERY HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY 🙂 coz, ladies you ROCK! 

[info_box type=”pale_box”]Swati is a Software Engineer by profession and a wife who loves to put life in words with a little sarcasm and fun. Her blog is her passion and a platform she chose to express her interests and love for cooking, fashion, and life.[/info_box]


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