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This year for Christmas I decided that I wanted to keep the decorating to a minimum as I am still not 100% and I am normally the one who does all the inside decorating anyway I thought why put myself through all that trouble.

Decorating with Ribbon

The idea originally came to me after my husband could not find the box that we put our ornaments and stockings in. Every year we go through this and every year he ends up finding it but so far he hasn’t. Of course he hasn’t bothered looking anymore anyway. I am just thankful that I had stopped at Five Below and had picked up some ornaments when I was out with my middle daughter that very day.

So once I got over the disappointment of not having our ornaments I looked at the ones I had picked up and decided that I loved the colors so much that I would just have those and two special ornaments on the tree.

Decorating with Ribbon 007

Those two ornaments I knew where they were as I make sure they don’t get packed away because they are for our sweet Fur Baby Winnie who we lost about 3 years ago. Since her death those ornaments have been the first to go on our tree.

Decorating with Ribbon 003

So this year is simple for us. Our angel who somehow got packed in the wrong box is just a simple straw angel that I found a long time ago. I loved the simplicity of it. To add to the ornaments I had some zebra print ribbon that came in a very large roll that I cut to make small strips to use as garland on the tree. I also used a metallic almost jeweled like ribbon to help set it off. I think it is very simple but very elegant as well.

Decorating with Ribbon 002

As you can see I alternated from zebra plain to zebra with jeweled because I did not have enough jeweled to get through the whole tree.

Decorating with Ribbon 004

I took the leftover ribbon and used it on the mantel where hopefully our stockings will be hung if he can find them that is.
So tell me how do you use ribbon when decorating? Do you like our simple design?

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! I have always been interested in decorating with ribbon buy have yet to try! Can’t wait to check out the rest of the tour!

  2. Very creative and you can honestly say your tree is not only beautiful but mostly decorated with home made type materials–now just add a popcorn garland or two!!

  3. I love to decorate with ribbon too. We started using it instead of garland on our tree a few years back and still do it to this day. It give the tree such a lovely touch!

  4. So pretty. I know this sounds horrible but we’ve decided not to really decorate this year. With hubs and his crazy work schedule between 2 hospitals, one 30 min away and the other 1.5hr away (he stays in that town during the weeks he works there) and now we have custody of kiddo who is temporarily staying with my MIL (long story) so it just seems like with no one here but me I don’t really want to drag out a million boxes. Plus, I wanted a new tree last year and didn’t get it. I have no desire to try and make our old hand-me-down tree look fabulous. Hubs is actually the one who suggested we not deal with the tree. MIL gave me this cute table top tree. We decided to put that on a small table we have and make it really rustic looking by putting it in this old metal bucket we found in the barn attic before the barns were taken down. I plan to wrap the presents in brown craft wrap and twine. Toss in some pine cones and burlap. Old fashioned frugal Christmas. We’ll focus on the things we have in life and not stress about what we don’t. As much as I love all my snowmen decor , my Irish and Scottish themed tree…I am looking forward to the simplicity of Christmas this year.

  5. I love to decorate with anything I can get my hands on. I love what you did with the ribbon. Your Christmas tree looks amazing! I think I may want to try this in my own home too.

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