Decorating for Less

 Do you think that decorating for the holidays has to cost a lot of money? You do not have to break the bank to get into the decorating mood. By using items that you have already; you can decorate your home for less. Here is one way. Love cakes well you can have your cake but you can’t use the stand to store the cake because you will be using the cake stand for a fabulous display. This decoration idea is so easy to do and it makes a stunning display. First take the top of your cake stand and fill the top with ornaments, pinecones, or just Styrofoam balls that you have painted. Place the top upside down over the stand, so that the items that you placed in the top do not fall out all over the place and voila!!!! You have a beautiful decoration. This is so easy to make and depending on what you put in the container the cost would be minimal. You could even get fancy by adding Christmas lights. I did this last Christmas and got so many compliments on it. Don’t have a cake stand with a lid then try using a beautiful big bowl. Imagine that setting on your counter in your kitchen or on your table as a centerpiece, people will think you have spent hours on such a beautiful display.


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