The Rolls-Royce of Carseats

carseatNow that my kids are grown, I see all the coolest invention for babies and toddlers. When I see something that is totally awesome, I think why didn’t they have those when my girls were little. Like for instance, Maddie has a nanny job where she babysits a little girl in the morning and takes her to school. Because of this she has to have a toddler car seat in her car. And it is a pretty cool looking car seat.

I was impressed with the car seat and I have to admit that that I have never heard of the name Britax before. So I thought that I would check them out online. Here is what I found. First, the bottom of the car seat raises up so that it is easier to install properly. I don’t know what you think but getting those car seats to fit properly before where a pain in the rear end and very frustrating.

Some of car seats that they offer air bags within the car seat. Now that is an extra feature I would be willing to have as a parent of a small child. Combined with awesome safety rating, as a parent you will have to weigh the cost of car seat with all the pros and cons. But personally if I had to do it all over again, I would find a way to purchase one of these car seats.

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