What Makes an Outdoor Fireplace Attractive?

What Makes an Outdoor Fireplace Attractive

There are many options to create a beautiful and functional outdoor fireplace. Several factors can make a fireplace attractive, including its design, material, and mix. In addition to choosing a design, consider the outdoor environment and the surrounding landscape. For example, wood burning fire pit Charlotte, NC, can blend in with a natural setting by using cobblestones or stacked rock for the exterior and a brick or tile surround. Another option is to build a fireplace with dry storage space for wood. A fireplace can also double as a pizza oven.


Slate is a beautiful choice for an outdoor fireplace. It is resistant to mold and moisture and retains heat. Slate is also an excellent material for stone wood grills. A stone wood grill can be a great addition to an outdoor fireplace. It will add style and charm to your backyard.

Slate comes in a variety of colors and textures. The most common colors are gray, brown, and black, although you can also find slate in red, green, and copper. It is also available in many finishes, including tumbled, brushed, and split face.


Shiplap is a great choice if you’d like to update the look of your outdoor fireplace without spending a lot of money. It can be easily installed around a fireplace and is relatively safe. Depending on the size of your fireplace, shiplap can cost anywhere from $500 to $1000. The price may also vary if you hire a contractor.

A traditional shiplap fireplace with white walls looks great with a rustic wood beam or brick surround. It is also attractive when combined with a natural wood mantel, as the wood will contrast nicely with a white wall.

Stone Arches

If your outdoor fireplace stands out among other features in your yard, consider building one with stone arches. These arches add a more elegant, formal look to your fireplace. You can even emphasize the arches by using a stone veneer surround. Just make sure to switch the tiles’ direction to highlight the arch’s shape.

If you choose a stone fireplace, you can make it even more beautiful by using an accent color. A traditional area rug in a similar color can bring out the colors of the stone. Another option is a stacked stone look. This type of stone fireplace will take more time to install, but it will look beautiful for years.

Built-In Storage Area

A built-in storage area is a convenient feature that makes an outdoor fireplace attractive. In this example, a rock wall flanks the fireplace, and a small storage area is built into the side of the structure. The structure was designed for a narrow lot, which limited its space.

In addition to providing convenient storage space, an outdoor fireplace also adds a beautiful focal point. It can complement other furnishings and landscaping around it. You can even build storage space into your fireplace to double as a decorative accent. This way, you can store firewood for your fire while not using it.


Many ways to make an outdoor fireplace attractive include adding a mantel. You can install a traditional wooden or a modern one that features an electronic device. There are many styles to choose from, including ones that adjust in length and have drawers. The mantel can also be customized to fit your unique tastes, so you can create an aesthetic that is unique to you.

A mantel will also protect from the heat from the fireplace. Because the heat from the fire spreads forward, the mantel will help keep it from damaging the electronics above the fireplace. Without a mantel, a television mounted over the fireplace would be directly in the path of most of the heat, and it would be at risk of damage.

Wood Box

You can build an attractive outdoor fireplace by using a wood box. It helps to elevate the fireplace so the fire can be seen more easily. It also makes it easier to maintain. In addition, an elevated fireplace is more comfortable to look at since it’s higher. A wood box is usually made of cement blocks covered with a quarter-inch-thick cement board or a lightweight manufactured veneer store.

You can also use a veneer stone to create a beautiful appearance. This is ideal if you want to create a rustic, earthy look. Stack stone, river rock, and fieldstone are a few options. You can also use concrete veneer if you’re not willing to spend much money on stone. It can mimic any natural material and is easy to install. You can choose a textured or colored concrete finish depending on your budget. Another inexpensive option is stucco. It’s easy to install and comes in a variety of color options. It gives a classic southwestern look.

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