Craft Corners and Make Space Livable Choosing Fireplace Decor

Craft Corners and Make Space Livable Choosing Fireplace Decor from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Wish to make your home feel cosy, chic, or elegant, or all of the above? If yes, then an electric fireplace all you need. These exemplary winter essentials are not only a way to heat your home but are a design choice that sets the tone of your room. People have paved a long way from the traditional wood-burning ones. It won’t surprise you when I say that there are endless options. The possibilities range from playing electric and plug to natural gas and bio-ethanol that burns clean. So, now that you’re looking out to have a romantic get-together with the man of your dreams while sipping wine or yearning to enjoy the book long on your bucket list- sitting beside the fireplace is just the right option for you. 

But, now whether you’re looking out for adding a warm glow to the hearth without risking the fire, why should you neglect the decoration of the same with candles and other stuff. Decorating the same adds an essence of decor to your paradise and works in giving your space a stylish and elegant look. And, these tips are beyond exemplary because, during the summer season, your heart should never look lonely, empty, or stark. Thus, some tips to fill your abode and reflect your style are:

  • Large lanterns:

It is relatively easy to add pizazz to your living room with decor pieces with flameless candles—having an extra-large lantern aids in filling up space while creating a beautiful focal point. Another thing that you can do is use birch bark candles for finishing the look. If you have a large expansive open room with tall ceilings and a white fireplace, you can consider employing floral arrangements large in size. You can also consider reflective mirrors, tall statues, or vibrant artwork with a unique look. You can also opt for flameless candles that are known to look gorgeous along with dramatic decor. 

  • Casual conversation area:

This area’s design can be pretty complicated, yet this hearth on this looks inviting and warm. The in-built recessed shadow lights help keep the shadows away and work in the illumination of decorative accent shelf art and wall features. The area lighting indicates a layered approach, including some overhead pendants for brightening the entire space. A perfect blend of smooth and rough textures works well in bringing visual interest to the neutral palette with cream, brown, and beige colors. The architects are all pro for a bench-style seating arrangement and the coffee table since it offers a warmer spot along with the fire. The brick wall panels are not to mention since these define the area with focal points that the TV and hearth create. 

  • On the grate top:

If you’ve been using your fireplace occasionally, then you must consider using your grate for holding the LED candles. A set of large candles work well in bestowing a similar effect as burning logs on the insides of the hearth. However, know that the grate can be dirty and get the soot on the candles’ bottom. Thus, you can consider placing a cardboard piece or using it with rungs to keep this clean and adequate support. 

Cast your Impression with a Design

Building in a fireplace screen, glass hurricanes, dramatic decors are some of the many ideas for giving your space a look that’s sure to pop all eyes. However, one thing that deserves strong attention is ensuring safety in mind, no matter the hearth you install. Always put safety in mind first and dwell in mind that it adheres to the safety inspections and building codes. The experts in home decor say this because a well-decorated fireplace won’t be gorgeous if the installation and decoration surrounding it isn’t safe.

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