Before You Fix Up Your Fixer Upper

Before You Fix Up Your Fixer Upper from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Everyone loves a good makeover show, and many people dream of the day they can get their hands on a reno-priced old Victorian or a brownstone that has seen better days. The work can get pretty grungy – however glamorous the television shows make it seem. Before you can start putting all the pretty in place, you may need to deal with a whole lot of ugly. Here are some things you may need to consider.

Remove Debris and Junk

In the case of buying an old and likely abandoned property, there may be a good deal of rotted and broken materials, a collection of debris and trash that has blown in or was left by squatters, and other undesirable matters. You may need to rent a dumpster or container to fill. Broken glass, trash, piles of fallen shingles, and more fall into this category. No further demo or construction until you clear things and get a good picture of the restoration project that lies ahead.

Removing debris and junk is not just about creating aesthetic appeal; it’s also crucial for maintaining a safe and functional living environment. Without timely removal, construction waste and discarded materials can pose hazards to both property and people. Furthermore, hiring experts in home remodelling waste removal Tampa, or wherever a homeowner is located, allows them to focus on the exciting aspects of home remodeling without getting bogged down with the stress of cleanup.

Mold Damage

One problem that is commonly seen in old homes that may have been exposed to the weather or broken pipes is an accumulation of mold. When water sits, or a leak or drip is allowed to continue, mold growth can multiply and thrive. Use caution, however, as this can be dangerous, and you’ll need a mold damage restoration company Malabar locals can rely on. Make sure all mold is abated before proceeding.

Check the Utilities

Have the water, gas, and electric utilities come and inspect the property thoroughly before turning anything on. You don’t want a fountain in the kitchen or a dangerous gas leak creating a hazard; loose wiring is a fire waiting to happen. You may need some of these utilities in order to progress through the project, so get them checked out, repaired, or replaced and turn them on safely.

Demo Dangerous Items

Once you have removed all the loose junk and mold, inspect the home for structural safety. When a place sits unused for a long time or has suffered misuse, it is very possible that you may find areas where the ceiling cracks or bulges from water damage, the floorboards have suffered dry rot, or a staircase, is unstable due to insect damage. Some areas may be repairable, and some may need to be fully replaced.

Checking on each of these areas can leave you with a clean slate with which to begin the rebuilding process. Before you know it, gleaming floors and sparkling windows will take shape, and you may just create a home restoration worthy of its own television show.

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