12 Ways to Child Proof Your House

New parents are often quick to realize how much of a safety hazard their house can be for children who become more mobile as they develop. From sharp edges on coffee tables to breakable decor items, there are several threats to a child’s safety as they begin to crawl and walk. To make your home a safe haven, there are a few important ways to childproof your house.

safety corners

  1. Install Safety Latches

Safety latches will prevent your child from getting into cupboards where toxic chemicals or sharp knives are stored to ensure that only adults have access to the contents.

  1. Move Items Away From Counters

Children are often curious and will do anything they can to reach for items that sit on countertops, making it important to move the objects away from the edge.

  1. Unplug Hair Tools

It can be easy for children to become burned by curling irons or flat irons that are plugged in after they’re used in bathrooms, which requires that parents unplug the products to allow them to cool.

  1. Install Anti-Scaling Devices

Faucets and showerhead should have anti-scalding devices installed to prevent children from getting scorched due to hot water that is used in the home. The water heater can also be set to 120 degrees to prevent the water from getting too warm in the sink or bath.

safety gates

  1. Cover Outlets

As children begin to crawl and play, they’re prone to sticking objects inside of outlets, which can cause lead to an electrocution. Use plastic outlet covers to keep their little fingers away from the hazard.

  1. Cover the Fireplace

Use a heat-resistant gate to cover your fireplace and prevent your little one from crawling into the feature. Small rocks that are used in artificial fireplaces should also be removed, which are considered a choking hazard. The fire stoke tools should also be out of reach and should not be sitting out, which can easily puncture a child and cause a serious injury.

  1. Place Furniture Away From Windows

Children can fall through windows by climbing onto furniture that is in close proximity to the glass. Place furniture several feet away from windows and use stained glass window film to prevent them from wanting to crawl through.

  1. Add Soft Pads

Prevent your child from getting scratched or poked by sharp edges in the home by adding soft pads to the edges of furniture pieces. You can also use them on the corners of certain walls where children often run by.

  1. Secure Furniture to the Walls

According to cpsc.gov, one child dies every two weeks due to furniture that tips over and lands infants. It’s important to secure dressers, bookcases, and armoires to the wall in each room of the home to reduce the risk of an accident.

  1. Use Cordless Window Blinds

The cords on window blinds or glass interior doors are prone to strangling children who have access to the feature, which will require that you cut the loop and use free tassels instead. This will prevent your infant from sticking their head through the cord.

  1. Add a Gate in the Kitchen

There is a long list of dangerous objects and appliances in the kitchen, which pose a large risk to children’s safety. Install a gate in the kitchen to make it off-limits when your child roams the house.

  1. Remove Knobs on the Stove

Children enjoy playing with buttons and knobs, which can cause them to turn on the stove in seconds. Make it a point to remove all of the knobs and use a stove guard to limit access to the burners. If the child is present as you cook, opt for using the back burners to prevent the children from getting too close to the flame.

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  1. My favorite part of this article is when you talked about adding a gate in the kitchen since there are lots of dangerous things in their for kids. Our house is a bungalow type, and it’s really easy for the kids to access the kitchen. Actually, my kids are very active, so this tip will really be useful for their safety. Thanks!

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