Creative Ways to Turn your Kid’s Airport Layover into a Play over

Creative Ways to Turn your Kid's Airport Layover into a Play over

Are airports just hubs for travel? Rather not mommies, because these can be immense learning places for your kids. These can be your minor child’s wonderland- all thanks to departure screens, fabulous arrivals, flight attendants, pilots, moving walkways, and busy jetways and runways. Many mommies postpone their travel plans until their kid attains an independent age; know that shouldn’t be the case ever. And, this happens, especially when their travel journey has hours of layovers.  So, if travel is on your list and a layover in fate, do you wonder about the things to do? If yes, some activities that must be on your list to ensure your family laughing and kids learning during their next trip are:

  • Escape the San Francisco Airport to Explore the City:

Do you have a long layover? If yes, then exploring the city can be your best bet. Give this locale a shot, even if the location is not on your bucket list. After all, your destiny invites you to take delight in experiencing the beauty of a new place. 

Just make sure to factor the transit times and custom lines to the city while planning a long layover. You can also overbook your time, attain flexibility in your itinerary, and ask the locals for any help, if necessary. 

Also, don’t worry about your luggage as you can take a handbag with all your kid essentials. You can place the other bags at a nearby train station or other luggage storage facilities. If you’re thinking about safety, then the experts at RadicalStorage say that you don’t have to worry about losing your luggage; these facilities are absolutely safe. After all, carrying your bags to each and every location makes no sense. 

Your kids, too, are sure to have fun exploring a new city, which wasn’t even a part of their expectations. 

  • Play Airport Bingo:

If the duration of your layover is short, it is wise to enjoy your time at the airport itself. It is because stepping out will only cause the hassle of hurrying and worrying about the ticking time and missing flight.

Thus, the best you can do is prepare a list of sights you can find at the San Francisco airport. Then, search for the items and check off the list. 

Pro mommy travelers suggest you start with a green suitcase, moving walkway, sleeping passengers, service dog. Also, know that the possibilities are endless. 

  • Pack a Fun Kit:

If you have a creative kid, resisting packing a travel entertainment kid is no fun. So, if you’re traveling and have a layover before reaching your final destination, keeping these suggestions in mind makes all the sense:

  1. Keep crayons and markers together.
  2. Use plastic containers that have lids for corralling small toys, if any.
  3. Invest in a new toy or book for whipping out during emergencies.
  4. Bring headphones if screen time is a must. 

All these activities work wonders in keeping your child busy and swear to bring a sigh of relief to you. 

  • Get Window Clings:

The alphabet may appear small but believe that these can be mighty toys for your kid’s travel bag. Just ensure setting up your family camp ahead of the big airport window and see what poems, games, sentences your creative kid comes up with. 

Try finding window clings with different themes like nature, animals, trucks, or clothes to suit your kid’s interests. 

The Verdict

Some other things you can do are rejuvenate in the meditation room, go on a color hunt, or make them ride trams and trains. Or, the best – rely on your favorite I-Spy.

Know that planning the layover time and spending it the best manner can kickstart your journey to a fantastic destination with complete ease. Else, it’ll be all about getting rid of the layover tiredness when you arrive at the destination hotel. 

In the end, it’s all about a safe journey and a joyful airport-hopping experience!

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