Dreaming of a Home in Australia

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Dreaming of A Home inAustralia

House hunting can be stressful. I remember when we first started looking for our house. It took our stress to another level. I have always dreamed of one day owning a vacation / retirement home in Australia.  I know my youngest Gracie would love that. Why because of this one animal? She wants one as her pet.


And who can blame her, this koala is a cutie. But besides that, there are other reasons. But before I get into that let’s talk more about house buying.

Buying a house in the United States is stressful, but can you imagine looking for and buying a house in Australia. I envy those couple on House Hunters who get to live there. That got me thinking about what do people do when they want to buy a house in a foreign country. And I did some research and came up with these tips.

  • First make a budget and stick to it. You want to be able to enjoy the beautiful things that your new country has to offer and not work just to make payments.
  • Second, start looking online at houses for sale. Isn’t  it amazing how helpful the internet can be? Look especially for houses in the area you would like to live. Personally, I love looking for houses for sale in Brisbane.


Why Brisbane you ask? First the climate, they have dry and warm winters, I hate being cold. Next it is a metropolitan area so living there we could walk to where we need to go. They have a thriving live theater and music scene. Everybody in my family loves the arts. There are beautiful parks and botanical gardens that will allow us to experience more of the outdoors. And bicycle pathways are a must. If I wanted to ride a bike for a long distance where I live now, I would be worried about being hit by a car. And of course, the animals are always a huge favorite in our family as well. Oh and I forget the most important thing the accents of the Aussie people. I am a sucker for a foreign accent. { Go figure my husband has one 😉 }

  • The next tip might be a little harder to do but research the market. You can let your fingers do the walking on the internet and find a local real estate agent that you can build a relationship and trust with to help. This is probably the most important tip that I can give you. A local real estate agent will not only help you find a house but also will help you when it comes to laws of the community that you planned to live.

So tell me do you see yourself moving to Australia anytime soon?

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