How To Make the Best of Working From Home

How To Make the Best of Working From Home

When we all started working from home a year ago, the new setup was fun and exciting. While some of us are now back in the office, others aren’t—and some of us are never going back. While this has its upsides, it can sometimes be a bit of a drag. That’s why I’ve crafted this list on how to make the best of working from home. Hopefully, some of these tips will make your home office a more enjoyable place to be once again.

Utilize the Home-Court Advantage

Y’all, it seems like some people forget that they are at home while they’re at work. It’s your house—you can use the space however you see fit. If you want to lay upside down off the side of the couch, you totally can! While that’s not an ideal way to work, it perfectly sums up the difference between working from home and working in the office. More realistically, consider responding to emails outside on a nice day or lounging in your massage chair while on a conference call.

If you need to sit at a desk for your work, you can still liven up your home office a bit. You can only decorate so much at the office, but at home, you can go wild and make your space your own. Hang pictures, paint the walls yellow, or put on your favorite playlist. Take full advantage of your current situation by doing the things you never could at your place of work.

Find Ways To Incorporate Fun

In the same vein, remember to have fun. Sitting alone in your own home can get boring really fast. You no longer have coworkers you can turn to talk to. That’s a massive part of the work experience that everyone at home is missing out on.

Luckily, there are various ways to combat that boredom, but our favorite is to hold social meetings meeting with other coworkers. These can be as simple as a “get-together” styled meeting where everyone simply talks to each other like they used to at the office. You can also plan games to play over video calls that focus on team bonding and fun. Your options here are nearly endless.

Make Time for Your Family

While the time you spend being “mom” during working hours can get annoying when you have some important deadlines coming up, it’s one of the best parts of working from home. That’s why my final suggestion for how to make the best of working from home is to focus on them more than you currently do. In the past, you spent eight hours a day away from your kids and significant other. Now, theoretically, you could spend the whole day with them if you wanted to.

Y’all, that means more time to see your kids doing something cute or some extra time to bond with your spouse. If you have to, dedicate a specific amount of time each day to being together. While this should never take up a significant part of your workday, it will make your time at home much more enjoyable.

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