Traveling lightly need never be a pain again!

travel lightly

“Travel lightly”. These are two words which can strike fear into the heart of any man or woman who has been told that they just to bring the essentials. Whether you are an overnight traveler, digital nomad or minimalist packer, when you need to travel lightly, you need a travel bag that will accommodate all you need yet is small enough so that you can bring it on the airplane as carry-on luggage.

The Standard Luggage Company present the Carry-on Travel Backpack, a 3-in-1 travel backpack, suitcase and shoulder bag which is not only extremely functional and practical but it looks good too! In this article, we answer some questions on this indispensable piece of luggage.

What does it look like?

carry on backpack

The backpack is made from a water-resistant material which is easy to clean and very durable so you can be guaranteed to get a lot of mileage out of it. For those style-conscious travelers, the backpack includes two leather accent colors – choose from either orange or teal – and change them about whenever you like!

How big is it?

The Carry-on Travel Backpack has a capacity of 35L which can be quickly and easily expanded up to 45L meaning you can pack a lot more in of you need to! The best thing about the size of this backpack is that you can have the peace of mind that it fall within airport carry-on requirements meaning you don’t have to worry about the time it will take or the expense involved in checking it in at the airport. The backpack is also big enough to hold a 15” laptop or notebook.

How can it be three bags in one?

The best feature of the Travel Backpack is that it can be transformed from a backpack to a suitcase to a shoulder bag, depending on your travel needs. The backpack features a side handle which allows it to be carried as a suitcase and a universal sleeve which integrates the bag with any rolling luggage handle. If you want to use it as a backpack, the backpack straps, which are concealed, can be pulled out and you instantly have a backpack for use! To use the backpack as a shoulder bag, simply attach the removable shoulder strap and you’re ready to go!

Why do I love the Carry-on Travel Backpack?

Well, this is easy! When you need as bag big enough to carry the essentials but small enough to carry on board your flight, one that is made well and looks good to boot, look no further than the Carry-on Travel Backpack which is available on the Standard Luggage Travel Backpack store. This company has produced a fantastic solution to all your packing woes and I for one, won’t travel again without it!

Why not drop by their website to see their wide offering of luggage or visit the Standard Luggage blog for more advice and tips on traveling in general.

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