7 Trendy Beach Coolers from Scoutbags Free Coupon

7 Trendy Beach Coolers from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Are you planning to go for a picnic to the beach or have a date there? It’s generally important that you ensure that you have everything ready. You probably have the beach gear ready, but do you have a perfect bag for carrying your food containers and water bottles? If you don’t have one or the one that you have is no longer fashionable, it’s time you look for something trendy.

As a matter of fact, you can get the coolest coolers on Scoutbags.com. Scout coolers come in amazing designs, colors, and prints. You can make use of Scout Bags coupons to save more every time you buy something.

They have special customization features for the outside and inside pockets. The whole idea is to not only have a functional cooler bag but also a trendy one.

Here are our top 7 recommendations:

1. Nooner

Do you fancy the idea of going for a solo date on the beach? This lunchbox is just perfect for such an adventure. It’s the lunchbox for the present and future. It’s what you need to make your solo beach date complete. It’s compactly built and lightweight for convenient carrying on the beach. The cooler will actually fit well in a majority of totes.


The Madeline happens to be Scout’s most sophisticated cooler bag for beach adventures. It’s an upgrade of the traditional briefcase. Its major highlights are a snap closure, a detachable flexible body strap, and a top reinforced handle. It has a formal appeal thus great for both men and women.

3. The Pleasure Chest

This cooler bag is ideal for a small family going to the beach. Its size is perfect for stacking several food containers. You can also fit a maximum of four wine bottles. It has a sturdy base and its handle is reinforced for maximum gripping. The side pockets come with a zipper and are ideal for carrying smaller items like a bottle opener, plastic cups, and paper napkins.

4. Hot Date

From the name, this cooler is designed for a romantic date on the beach. However, you can still use it for family picnics on the beach. Unlike most coolers, this one comes with a hot pan that keeps your food hot for at least 3 hours. So, if you are going for a date or picnic that won’t take much time, this is the perfect lunchbox. It’s ideal for 3-4 people because of its small capacity.

5. The Icebreaker

The icebreaker is a supersize cooler that can accommodate foods and drinks enough for a basketball team. Simply put, it’s what you need when going for a group beach picnic. Because of its size, the icebreaker comes with two sturdy handles plus a detachable strap. They are meant to make carrying much easier when the cooler bag is stacked with items. Its bottom is reinforced to help it stand upright without toppling. When not in use, the cooler is easily folded and stored. It also has one zip pocket and one open pocket on the outside.

6. Preps Cool

Are you planning to carry fruits or any other highly perishables to the beach? You have a perfect lunchbox in a Preps Cool. The cooler is softly designed but has a compact structure to stand upright on the ground. Unlike most coolers, it has four outside pockets for keeping small items. The cooler is attractive both in color and design.

7. The Stiff One

Lastly, the Stiff One is a medium, soft cooler bag that’s perfect for 3-4 individuals. Actually, the size allows you to fit up to 24 ice packs. It’s called the stiff one because it has a reinforced base which gives it extra sturdiness. The cooler comes with two outside pockets, each on the opposite side for keeping small items.

Depending on the size that you prefer and the design, Scoutbags.com has the trendiest cooler bags that you need for your beach exploit. With the above recommendations, you have bags that are purposeful and fashionable.

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