Creating Cherished Memories: A Delightful Brunch with My Daughters at Saveurs Du Monde

Y’all, you know that I am a mom first and foremost. Being able to spend time with my girls especially now that they are older is a huge priority for me. Since Maddie lives in California I don’t often get to spend a lot of time with her. As I have said before here anytime she comes within a day driving distance this momma is going to see her. Unfortunately Mikaela, the middle daughter can’t always make the trip as sometimes she can’t get the time off of work. This particular trip to Charleston was one of those rare occassions. Now granted when Maddie is here for a conference we don’t spend all of our time with her but she does carve out sometime to hang with us. This particular post is about one delightful brunch with my daughters at Saveurs Du Monde.

First, there is something to be said about leaving time on trips to do the unexpected. You don’t have to have everything scheduled right now to the last minute. Leaving room for new experiences is fun and leaves you awaiting with anticipation. Saveurs Du Monde wasn’t even on the list of restaurants to try in Charleston. We found it the night before when we walked from our airbnb ( more on that later) to Maddie’s hotel. I saw the sign ( it was closed) but I thought it looked cool. Noticing surroundings and letting yourself go on adventures will leave you with new experiences.

We were supposed to meet Maddie the next day at her hotel for breakfast. But this momma was tired and I few blog posts that I needed to make sure went up so we got a late start. Gracie texted Maddie and we decided on eating at Saveurs Du Monde. And I am so glad we did – it didn’t disappointed.

I knew the moment we walked in the door that this was going to be a culinary journey for sure. As you can guess by the name the cuisine was French. We all got something a little different.

Creating Cherished Memories: A Delightful Brunch with My Daughters at Saveurs Du Monde

Gracie just got a plain cheese danish and a chai latte.


Maddie went a little wild and got a waffle topped with fresh berries and a cafe au Lait.

Creating Cherished Memories: A Delightful Brunch with My Daughters at Saveurs Du Monde

I went a little wild and went with the French classic – Homemade Dark Chocolate Sauce, Coconut, & Strawberries Crepes and a mocha with white chocolate syrup. ( You can take the girl away from Starbucks but you can’t make her stray from her drink of choice.)

And y’all the food did not disappoint. And the person who waited on us Ericka was so friendly. You know I am a big advocate of giving props to those who are excellent at their job. She greeted us when we walked in the door and waited patiently for use to decide what we wanted to order. She even brought our food out with a smile. I was impressed.

And if I ever find my way back to Charleston again I will definetly make a point to try Saveurs Du Monde again, Interested in trying it yourself you can check their website to see what they have on the menu.

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