5 Cities You Need to Visit in Spain

5 Cities You Need to Visit in Spain from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom
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Flamenco dancers, tapas, cathedrals, colorful alleys, and miles of sandy beaches. If you instantly thought of Spain, it’s time to take the plunge and buy that ticket! Although every city in Spain deserves a visit, we’re going to highlight five of the hottest cities to visit this summer.

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1 – Jerez de la Frontera

When you think of Spain, images of Barcelona’s La Rambla, Madrid’s Museo Nacional del Prado, or Seville’s colorful little cobblestone streets might pop up in your mind – but have you heard of Jerez de la Frontera? This hidden gem in southern Spain, simply called Jerez, is a smorgasbord of delights for those looking to relax, eat delicious food, and dance. That’s because Jerez is home to the flamenco museum (a famous Spanish dance), lush gardens, and plenty of restaurants. Try sherry, a type of white wine made from grapes grown around Jerez, or one of the many streetside cafes (we love Restaurante La Tasca for their seafood). After walking and indulging in all what Jerez has to offer, it’s time to head to the Hammam Andalusi and relax. These Arabic baths have hot and cold thermal baths, as well as treatments, massages, and mud facials.

2 – Torrevieja

Although there are plenty of fantastic cities along Spain’s sunny Costa Blanca, we handpicked Torrevieja as a traveler favorite. Aside from its world-famous beaches, what really makes Torrevieja stand out is its pink lake. The Laguna Salada de Torrevieja gets its rosy color from the algae that live in the water and is rumored to be beneficial for your health – especially for the skin and lungs. Although swimming isn’t recommended (it’s too shallow), this is a can’t miss attraction. Other popular attractions include La Torre del Moro, the watchtower after which the city was named after, and the promenade along the beach.

3 – Seville

If you walk through Seville and notice colorful geometric shapes and Arabic architecture, don’t be surprised: the Spanish city of Seville was shaped by Moorish influences back in the 700s, and can still be seen to this day. One of the most prominent attractions in the city is the Real Alcázar Palace, which is still used by the royal family to this day. On your way there, stop by the Plaza de Espana and walk over the gorgeous blue and white bridge, or catch a flamenco show at one of the many courtyards or “casas.”

4 – Palma

Sun, sand, and sea – if you’re looking for it, Palma has it. Although not on the “mainland” of Spain, Palma is a city situated on the island of Mallorca, some 350 miles away. It’s the perfect place for families, couples, and solo travelers because there are plenty of things to do: see Picasso’s works at the Baluard Museu d’Art Modern i Contemporani, explore Cuevas del Drach (“dragon caves”), or simply soak up the sun at Palma Beach.

5 – Barcelona

For the very best of Spanish culture, food, and architecture, you can’t go wrong with Barcelona. If you’re a fan of Antonio Gaudi, watch the sunrise from atop Park Güell, his colorful and complex public park, or take a visit to the famous Sagrada Família church.

Fun fact: The church has been under construction for over 130 years  – and is expected to be completed in 2026!

For off the beaten path suggestions, see how beer is made at Moritz Factory, visit a local farmer’s market (called Mercat), or Jardins de les 3 Xemeneies (Garden of the Three Chimneys) to see local street art.


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