Are you a poser in the kitchen?


Okay I have to admit that I am no Rachel Ray or Martha Stewart when it comes to the kitchen but I like to pretend I am. Yet I am admitting I am a poser when it comes to the kitchen area. But that does not mean you can’t be a poser too. Remember it is not about what you are cooking but about presentation. Every professional chef had to start somewhere so you can too. Just remember that even a simple dish of scrambled eggs can be made even more appetizing uses a fancy plate and a beautiful garnish. That garnish can be anything from a piece of fruit to vegetables. My favorite thing to serve at dinner parties for dessert is a store bought cheesecake on a beautiful set of plates that I bought at thrift stores. How I serve it make people stand up and take notice. First I take some chocolate syrup and drizzle it on the plate. Then I place the piece of cheesecake in the center of the plate, this adds to the presentation. Next I drizzle a little bit chocolate on top and add a whole strawberry to top it off. See even a store bought item can be enhanced if you use a little creativity and imagination. So remember whether you are cooking for your family or hosting a dinner party presentation is everything. Search secondhand and thrift stores for unique serving items to make your meals look more appealing to whoever you may invite to dinner. I hope I get an invite soon.

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