Seven Tips for Planning a Wine Country Vacation

Seven Tips for Planning a Wine Country Vacation from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

The term “wine country” has a rather ubiquitous application in this day and age. The response of many individuals when they hear or read the term “wine country” in the United States envision Napa and Sonoma. With that understood, the reality is that wine country really accurately can be defined as any general geographic location at which multiple operational wineries are located. In other words, when it comes to exploring “wine country” in the United States, you have an array of options available to you, some that are very well known, and others that are hidden gems.

You obviously will want to get the most out of your travels to a wine country. With this in mind, there are seven key tips that you will want to bear in mind when it comes to a wine country vacation.

Design Your Wine County Trip in Advance

You do not need to expend a tremendous amount of time planning a wine country trip, but you should not approach this type of travel adventure in a haphazard manner. Key in the planning process is selecting the specific wineries you will visit. This does require that you at a minimum visit the websites maintained by wineries, and perhaps a site maintained by a local chamber of commerce or visitor’s bureau. This permits you the ability to get a clearer layout of the land when it comes to that particular cine country.

Limit the Number of Wineries to Visit

One part of the planning process is identifying those wineries that truly have the most appeal to you. There are very likely to be wineries in a wine region that you may not want to visit. There are people who visit wine regions and move about at a frantic pace. They will visit 10 or more wineries in a single day.

The reality is that you can get far more out of your overall trip, and your visits to individual wineries, by proceeding at a far more leisurely pace. Consider spending at least an hour at each winery on your list. Keep in mind that many wineries have opportunities beyond touring and sampling wine. For example, some wineries offer meals, paired with different vintages.

Make Reservations with Individual Wineries

Many wineries actually limit the number of people who are permitted on their grounds on any given day. The theory is that a reasonable number of visitors have a better experience that is the case if a winery is overrun with guests.

Understanding this reality, in preparing for your visit to a wine country, make a reservation. Indeed, in this day and age, there are wineries that actually require reservations. In many cases, you can provide a fairly broad reservation time. For example, you can make a reservation for the morning or the afternoon. Other wineries will schedule a specific arrival time for you through the reservation process.

Plan Your Visit During the Week

If your life situation permits you to do so, consider visiting wine country and wineries during the week, rather than on the weekend. With very few exceptions, you will find fewer numbers of people visiting wineries during the week. This will enhance your overall visit to wineries.

Consider Visits to Lesser Known Wine Regions

As mentioned at the start of this article, the term “wine country” is really is a misnomer. In the United States, indeed around the world, there are many, many wine countries. One way in which you can enhance your overall visit to a wine country is to consider a less well-known wine region. For example, the Finger Lakes of New York, the Willamette Valley in Oregon, and Paso Robles in California are all examples of lovely wine regions at which you can have an amazing visit.

Take the Tour

Wineries nearly always offer the option of taking a tour or just doing a tasting. You should always seriously consider taking the tour. You will learn a great deal more about a winery, a wine region, and wine more generally by taking the tour.

Plan Your Visit Around Special Events

Many wineries offer special events centered on the harvest or grape crush. They may also bring in musicians, performers, or artists from time to time. Consider a visit when one of these events are scheduled. You experience will be nicely enhanced. You can determine when a winery will be featuring or hosting a special event from its website. Typically, you can make an advanced reservation for such a special occasion.

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