Teddy Bears Need Doctors Too


Today I had the privilege to take Gracie and her friend, Matti to our local hospital for their teddy bear clinic. Ever since Gracie brief stay in the hospital, she has been terrified of the hospital. My mom just had knee replacement surgery on Thursday so this was perfect timing. The Teddy Bear Clinic is a journey that relieves the fears of children who have their fears of hospitals. It was a free clinic. I say the ad for it in our local hospital and I knew we had to attend. The first thing the girls had to do was to register their friends for the surgery. Here Beary is getting her id bracelet.

Then their bears had to weigh and measured.

Then they had to sign the consent forms to be treated and to have surgery.


Matti is consenting to let Alex her bear get brain surgery.

After all the paperwork it is off to the OR. First, the bears have to be put asleep.

Gracie and Matti both got to help do this. They got to pick the color mask to put on their bears and the flavors. Gracie’s smelled like bubble gum and Matti’s smelled like cherry. Notice the blood pressure cup on Beary’s arm. Too Cute right. Here is a picture of Matti.

I loved how they allowed them to push the purple bag to make sure their animals got enough oxygen. After the animals were properly sedated then they could be operated on.

Beary had her arm operated on. It was touch and go for a while but she managed to pull through. I love how they gave the girl’s heart rate strips to put into their charts. Notice in this picture the blue folder that is Beary’s Chart.

Now Matti’s bear, Alex, having major brain surgery. There were no problems with her surgery.

Here is where things got a little scary for Beary.

Finally, they are able to put the cast on Beary.

Luckily both bears made it through surgery fine. They then headed to the recovery room.

Both Gracie and Matti were given instructions on how to care for their bears after they are discharged.

Then onto the goodies. They were given some awesome stuff. They were allowed to keep the masks for themselves and their bears, their hats, then they were given Chocolate medicines for both them and their bears, nurses and doctors hats, coloring book, crayons, bag, another bear and then tons of snacks.

Then they were sent home.

I was so impressed with the nurses and the staff at Wayne Memorial Hospital. The girls had an amazing time and so did the bears. Gracie’s friend Matti kept mouthing to me the whole time Thank you Thank You. Check your local hospital to see if they put on a clinic like this. The best part besides it being educational and amazing was that it was totally free.


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