Create A Stylish and Elegant Laundry Room

AFM Stylish Laundry 1

I have always thought that my laundry room was a little let’s face it dull. Laundry is probably one of my least favorite chores but because of the redo of our laundry room, it is now one of the chores that I don’t mind doing. Before I show you the after the pictures here is what our laundry room looked like before we redid it.

Pretty bland huh? I mean seriously who would want to actually spend time in this dreary and cluttered room.  But with a little bit of savings and some repurposing of items I had on hand my laundry room looks like one that I think belongs in a magazine. I created a stylish and elegant laundry room by being frugal.

First let me say that I used no money on this redo because I had some Amazon gift cards saved up and decided to use them on this project. The first thing I did was make one of those yarns wreaths that I was taught to make by my amazing friend Cindi at Down Home Magazine. The idea of redoing my laundry came from a Sunday afternoon spending time with a friend making a simple but elegant craft. Just look what came out of this afternoon.

afm wreath

I fell in love with my wreath and after I finished it I then hatched the idea of redoing my laundry room. I scoured Pinterest for ideas for the redo. I saw one pin that had the wall behind the washer and dryer as an accent wall. And once again an idea was hatched. I love the chevron prints so I searched Amazon for the perfect wallpaper but unfortunately that was way out of my price range. I then remembered that when I was in college we used contact paper to cover some of  ugliness of our dorm room. So I thought why not try that. Sure enough I found a beautiful grey chevron print that I fell in love with it. If you have ever worked with contact paper you know what a b**ch it can be? After a little frustration I decided to let my husband have that part of the project LOL. Isn’t that the reason we marry our significant others to get them to do the things we don’t want to do? LOL He was such a trooper and in one afternoon my accent wall came to life. This wall cost us nothing because I used Amazon gift cards.

Once the wall was done, we had enough of the contact paper leftover to do our spare fridge that we have in there. I always thought it was ugly but now it is beautiful.

AFM Stylish Laundry 3

I then hung the inspiration for the redo up and then went about looking for accessories. I remember I had these cereal dispensers that we never use anymore hidden in a cabinet. They soon became my laundry dispensers. Then the yoga mat rug idea was born.

After I did this side I then turned around and was faced with the ugly site of my wire shelf that is like a catch all for the room.

AFM Stylish Laundry 2

With a little bit of thought, I found a big enough piece of lace to cover the ugliness of the shelf. With a little hot glue, my catchall also became elegant but stylish.

AFM Stylish Laundry 4

I had a little bit of leftover fabric that I used to make a curtain for the door.  Reusing some old pieces of artwork I used chalkboard contact paper and some chalkboard markers to make some unique pieces of art.

Little Bit 085

Now that you have seen the changes what do you think of my stylish and elegant laundry room?

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  1. Crazy but the laundry room itself can really motivate you to get that ugly chore done! Yours turned out great. I used to be on top of our laundry back home because I had a room that was nicely decorated and had what I need. We are currently in a temporary rental and I hate laundry again.

  2. That grey chevron contact paper is awesome! Perfect for a small space like the laundry room. Really jazzes it up!

  3. I did a laundry room makeover recently but yours looks much nicer than mine! I love the colors you chose!

  4. I love the changes that you made to your laundry room! The former owners of our home moved the main floor laundry room to the basement (for an unknown reason), and it really needs a fix-me-up.

  5. It looks so great! I can’t believe you used contact paper! I have that same kind and love it. I’ll have to try using it on the wall some place. =)

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