How to Upgrade Your Living Room

When it comes to your home there are 2 spaces that tend to get used the most – the kitchen and the living room. The living room and the kitchen are two spaces where you entertain quite a bit, have social engagements, maybe throw a few parties for sports games, and relax and unwind after a day at work. If you are getting ready to update your living room but you want a few nice ideas to get you started, read the article below for some interesting, cool, and in some cases budget friendly ideas for your living room!

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Add Some New Lighting

 The last time you probably bought your lighting for living room, things like lamps or sconces, was probably a few years ago. This is a really easy way to add some ambiance to a room, also make it more attractive, updated looking and add some light to the room and its quite inexpensive. If you choose the cheaper way, get yourself some new wall sconces or pendants – pendants are super trendy in 2016 and they don’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. If you want to put a little money into it, consider getting recessed lighting in the ceiling with a dimmer switch.

 Redo Your Flooring


Carpet is so last year! Of course its good to have it in some rooms like your bedroom because it adds softness. But if you want to really WOW your guests and want to make the entire room feel and look differently, consider redoing your living room floors with something other than carpet. Two really trendy options for the last few years have been tiles or wood flooring. Tiles flooring come in all sorts of shapes, styles, colors and designs as well as materials. Wood flooring or also known as hardwood flooring is super sexy, luxurious looking and comes in various materials and stains and basically, wood flooring just adds a certain appeal to a room that no other material can and it has added benefits. First off, wood flooring is incredibly easy to clean. Secondly its a pretty easy installation for a professional. Lastly, it will last for years to come. If you cant afford a beautiful new wood floor, consider something more on a budget that still has the same benefits like laminate flooring

Add A Fresh Coat of Paint

Over time paint on your walls, even if its meant to stay clean, can get fingerprints on it, smudges, dents, dings and more. Besides that, even if your surface is impeccable, a new fresh coat of paint in a different color, can really transform a room. If you want to stay in the home and are updating just for yourself and your family, choose any color under the sun or have one mixed for you.

 Bring The Outside In

It doesn’t matter if you live in the country, suburbs, city or wherever else, you can bring the outdoors indoors. If you live in the country or suburbs, consider bringing in natural woods, sleek leathers, or even green and brown paints and your living room. If you live in the city, think about loft style living – lots of bare beams, luxurious views – add some pictures to the walls to accentuate the indoors as well as the outdoors. Or if you live for example, by the beach or in a warmer climate, consider bringing in some blues, greens, sandy browns or whites into the living room by way of paints, upholstered couches, reclaimed wood coffee tables, etc.

 Add Some Depth To Your Space

If your walls are really flat and you don’t have a lot of aesthetic appeal to the room, consider adding things like molding to the ceiling or wainscoting to the walls. Adding “layers” of texture to a room can add dimension, depth, and make it a more interesting room. Adding wainscoting, trim, and molding will take a little money from your budget, but it’ll be worth it in the end!

 Add A Focal Point

Adding a focal point to a room is a great way to add intrigue to a room. Essentially a focal point can be anything you want, as long as it makes the person who is entering the room, direct their attention to that area first before anything else. If you have a fireplace, consider getting it re-bricked or re-stoned. If you have a wall that stands alone and is very plain, consider painting it for an accent wall or make a beautiful mural on it. You can even accentuate architectural features by repainting that area.

Hopefully above mentioned living room ideas have given you a head start in order to add a few things to your list to update your living room keep in mind these will ideas will only help appreciate the value of your home . If you plan on updating for YOUR needs, make sure that no matter what, you love the end result, because that’s the most important thing.

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