Irresistible Reasons to Buy a Mini Nectar Collector Kit

Irresistible Reasons to Buy a Mini Nectar Collector Kit from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Just like nectar is extracted from flowers to create honey, the essence of cannabis concentrate, also referred to as nectar, can be extracted. You only need a mini nectar collector to do it. 

Cannabis dabbing has been gaining immense popularity as a form of cannabis ingestion nowadays. The process involves heating some concentrate in a contraption called a dab rig that collects its vapors and channels them to the user. These rigs come in various forms, like hookah vases and nectar collectors. It’s up to the user to select one that suits their purpose and tastes. These rigs and collectors are designed to give the best effect each time they get used.

Reasons to Collect the Nectar Collector

Dabbing rigs are popular due to the numerous advantages they offer over other forms of ingestion. The mini nectar collector falls in that category, giving its users the freedom to get their dose of cannabis conveniently. Buying one will let you enjoy those advantages in a handy and functional package. Here, they are:


The collector is designed with ergonomics and quality in mind. The entire construction is of tough glass that can resist any stray heat transfer from the heated end while giving a shimmering look to your proud purchase. The center straw is laced with precision so that you don’t have to struggle with remembering its side.

The heating tip is made of titanium or silicone to keep it light while providing even heating for maximum flavor extraction. A concentrate receptacle that helps you easily add the concentrate is also a part of it. Together, it creates a sturdy item that works as it should.


There’s no telling where your next dabbing session could be, sometimes. It would help if you could carry your favorite dabbing equipment with you, just in case. And that’s what the mini collector allows you to do.

The collector’s moderate size and bespoke construction mean you can put it in a bag or pocket. You needn’t worry too much about damaging it. You’ll have it on hand and not even be troubled by it because of its lightweight.

Ease of Use

Using a mini collector is so easy that just about anyone can do it. The kit will give you all you need for a satisfying session.

Place the concentrate in the titanium or silicon dish for heating. Use the provided torch to heat that tip. Once you figure out the perfect temperature to collect the nectar, start cooling it. Inhale using the straw while touching the collector’s tip lightly.

Watch out for the heated concentrate. Use a silicone lid or container as a resting spot while the collector cools.  

It’s Inexpensive

Why opt for a costly bong setup when you have this miniature device giving you what you need? A small nectar collector keeps the costs low while keeping the effects high. 

Cannabis is transforming lives with health benefits and good memories. Dabbing is now one of the main methods of making it happen. The mini nectar collector is one of those must-have dabbing setups if you must have a great session.

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