Basic Problems and Solutions in Writing

Basic problems and solutions in writing

Being a blogger has its set of problems. During the day, I deal with any number of challenges, which I will list for you as well as give you some simple ways to solve them.

Problem #1: Lack of Focus

Yes, there are days where I can’t seem to focus. And no matter what I do I just can’t seem to get it together. Those are the days I walk away from my computer in disgust. Vowing I am never going to blog again. But year a few hours later you can find me back at again with a more determined purpose than before. 


Take a break, get up from the computer and stretch. If you have some peppermint essential oil sniff a little. It will help lift that brain fog. 

Problem #2: Lack of Concentration

I know you probably think that this is the same thing as lack of focus. In some ways it is, but when you are working around kids, sometimes it is hard to concentrate. That is what I have been facing lately. With two snow days and winter break, my concentration has been shot. In fact, today is the first day that I am home alone and able to write. Don’t get me wrong; I loved having all three of my girls under one roof, but I totally couldn’t focus to write a story. And that is a switch for me; I used to be able to watch tv and write but not anymore. 


Plan your focus times around when you are alone or either that have a designated time when no one bothers you so you can write. 

Problem #3:  Lack of Time

There are those days where things come up, and I have a ton of errands to do. And my time to write is cut up into little chunks like it is today. Besides having to take Gracie to school, her dentist appointment is thrown into the middle of the day. Those are the days that I have to prioritize, and that is when my reusable to-do list comes in handy.  Seeing what I have to do in front of my face makes it easy to tackle those tasks at hand. 

reusable to do list


Write out a to-do list and cross off things as you get them down. Don’t stress if you can’t write for a day, just use the time that you have to get what you needs to be accomplished. Plus there will always be days when the mood will strike you to write, and you have the time so write then. 

Problem #4: Writer’s Block

I will have to say that the biggest thing I face is writer’s block. There is nothing more daunting than staring at a blank screen or blank sheet of paper.  I often face this. 


  • Keep a blogger idea journal. Write anything that you think would make a great blog story down in it. So on the days when writer’s block hits you have something to go to for inspiration. 
  • Keep a swipe file on your computer of ideas
  • Have a book of quotes handy. That is often how I come up with ideas to write. 
  • You can also find some professional writing help by using websites that will help you write that post and get through that writer’s block. 
  • Recipes are perfect for those days. I always photograph any recipe I think might be blog worthy. And when I am at a loss for story ideas, I have one complete with photos. 
  • Look through magazines for inspirations. I will admit that I have a file folder full of ideas that I got from magazines. But I also make sure I do my take on the idea. Remember stealing someone else’s work is never a good idea. 

Let’s face it, as bloggers and writers. We all have these issues that we have to deal with. For some like me blogging is a full-time job, and for some it is a part time job, fit between their full-time job and family. Whatever it is for you, the important thing is to have fun doing it and learn when the words won’t come just to step away and take a break from the madness. Because I promise that break, no matter how long or short it may be will get you back in the writing groove. 


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